School Design Competition

This competition is all about encouraging children to be creative. Deadline for entries 31st March 2016.

School kid drawing


Do you have a school anniversary coming up? Think it would be nice to recreate the school’s logo through the eyes of your school kids? Or perhaps you want to show that you’re a champion for children’s creativity at your next open evening?

Whatever the occasion or reason, we encourage you to help the children to produce a creative eye-catching design that will leave a lasting impression on all who see it in your school.

The winning design could be printed onto a choice of materials to create anything you can think of!

Here are a few ideas of designs and finished products we could make to get your creative juices flowing:

  • A large printed, backlit acrylic featuring pictures of what the school means to the kids (friends, books, smiles etc)
  • A stunning fabric display giving a high-quality canvas-feel featuring drawings from all the children (a big step up from a standard tea-towel!)
  • How about being really inventive and asking for your chosen design to be replicated onto sashes to use for sports days, or even tutus!It’s really up to you how inventive you want to be with your design and what finished product you’d like us to create.

We’ll look at all of the designs we receive and will pick our favourite. We’ll then recreate the winning design for you for free so that you can display it at your school.

What do I have to do?

Simply encourage the children to be creative. You can submit design ideas by age, class, gender… it’s completely up to you! We will accept entries from Infants, Primary and Secondary schools.

Each school can send up to 5 design ideas too!

When you have your ideas ready, send us an email at Please make sure your subject line says ‘School Design Competition’.

freestanding-designWe have a choice of four materials for the designs to be printed onto which are fabric, acrylic, rollable PVC and foam board. Please let us know which material you would like to use with your entry – if you’ve got a more creative use of material other than standard printed displays (such as sashes, tutus or your own ideas) please tell us!

Please also let us know if you’d like your design to be wall-mounted or freestanding. Not sure? Please include this in your email and if you’re picked as the winner, we’ll discuss these two options with you.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. Some of us here at Marler Haley have young children and it’s nice to celebrate their work.

All you have to do is supply the design and we’ll choose our favourite and will recreate it – all costs will be covered by us. We only ask that we can display your lovely design on our website once it’s finished!

We’ll let all entrants know the verdict by Friday 14th April 2016.

What can you expect from us?

A high quality finished design.

A choice of four materials to print on: Fabric, acrylic, rollable PVC and foam board.

We look forward to receiving your entries.