How to hang a banner

Banners offer a wonderful opportunity to promote your business, offer directions or make people aware of your brand.

Not only that, they are an extremely versatile option, allowing you to advertise both indoors and outdoors.

If you’re wondering how to hang a banner so that it creates maximum impact, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Marler Haley, banners are our domain!

Read on to discover how to hang a banner effectively; both outside and indoors.

How to hang a banner

How to hang a banner outside

When it comes to outside banners, your main battle will be with the elements.

For this reason, it’s essential that you use the right materials.

For instance, hanging an outside banner on a fence will require heavy duty zip ties at the corner.

Meanwhile, hanging banner signs around posts and columns will need bungee cables and hanging clips.

These are preferable as they allow for a little give. Indeed, bungee cords will evenly distribute the stress on each grommet hole, when hanging banner signs between two poles. It also balances the banner correctly and gives it body.

Plus, where the banner is stretched tightly, this will ensure the banner will withstand any potential wear and tear. Less stress on the grommet holes and more stress on the bungee cords means the structure will remain intact and will prevent scrunching and crinkling.

If the weather isn’t an issue, (we’re talking wind and rain), consider suction cups to place outside banners on your house or storefront window.

How to hang a banner inside

Be it indoors, or outdoors, the first step of hanging banner signs is to consider the weight and size of the banner and its intended location.

Clear suction cups or pins are an option, provided the banner is not too heavy.

Suction cups are temporary hangers that stick to most surfaces and do not damage the surface of the wall.

A more permanent solution is to use screws and washers, which will likely leave marks on the wall.

Alternatively, a banner stand can allow for large banners to be placed throughout your store without damaging walls or detracting from product displays, yet still promotes your business in a flattering way.

They are also a great option if your banner needs to be quickly moved or adjusted. Easy to install, they take out the work and effort of hanging banner signs on the wall.

Do you have any foolproof tips for hanging banner signs? Please share them below. We love to hear your thoughts and comments.

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