Wormery Donated to St Peters School Raunds

We had the pleasure of donating a Wormery to a local school in Raunds, Northamptonshire.

St Peters School Raunds Wormery

The Eco Warriors team from St Peters School Raunds were delighted to see their wormery set up last month – Jason was happy to come along to help and answer those tricky questions children like to throw at us!

A collection point has been set up in the kitchen to collect waste fresh fruit and vegetables. After two weeks of letting the worms settle, they will have the joy of eating our food waste which will turn into nutrient-rich compost and a concentrated liquid fertiliser. This can then be used in gardens or pots to help grow plants and flowers.

A key consideration for all of us is:

How do we reduce the amount of waste that we are sending to landfill?

Unfortunately, our waste management team doesn’t take kitchen waste – so we’re trialling a wormery to use for our office too!

Before you ask, yes… the wormery is outside.

This is a simple step, but most importantly it gets people thinking about what they are throwing away, where it is going and how we may do things differently.

As a company, a key focus for us this year is how we are going to reduce our impact on the environment for ourselves and for our clients. This is structured around ten environmental objectives.

During 2018 we also took massive steps forward by implementing some of the basics such as understanding and measuring our own impact. This involved moving to a 100% renewable energy provider, improving our waste management, offsetting our carbon production and introducing a new recyclable displays range and recycling scheme.

We will be continuously reviewing our business and supplier performance and looking for areas to reduce out impact on the environment.

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