How To Hang A Banner Outside

Outdoor Banners offer a wonderful opportunity to promote your business or message at events or outside your business premises. They are also an extremely versatile advertising option, giving you the ability to advertise both indoors and outdoors.

If you’re wondering how to hang a banner so that it creates maximum impact, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on to discover how to hang a banner safely and securely.

Hanging a banner outside

When it comes to outside banners, your main battle will be with the outdoor elements. For this reason, it is essential you use the right materials.

So, what are your options?

A Frame

If you have no surface to attach your banners to, A-frames are the perfect option.

Outdoor PVC banners can be attached to a purpose built A-frame using bungee cords. These can be easily moved and come in a variety of sizes.

a frame

Zip Ties

Zip ties are handy pieces of equipement. They can easily be threaded through the eyelets and attached to your fencing.

Once tied into place, the tension created adds stability, ensuring your banner can survive the outdoor elements.

zip ties

Bungee cord

Unlike zip ties, bungee cord allows a little give against the elements and reduces any potential damage to the banner.

Bungee cords will evenly distribute the stress on each grommet hole when hanging banner signs. It also balances the banner correctly and gives it body. They can also be moved easily without having to cut them and start again.

bungee cord

Screws and washers

If you do not have an area to hang your banner from, i.e. a fence, between poles or a frame, then attaching them to walls with screws and washers does the job perfectly.

To allow for easy changing of graphics, you can attach bungee cords so that you do not need to unscrew any screws each time - simply slip the bungee cord over.

These methods can all be used inside, but as you tend not to have to deal with the elements when inside you can also opt for suction cups.

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