Prepare your Zombie Exhibition Apocalypse Plan

It’s a human-eat-human world on the exhibition floor and unlike a zombie apocalypse, you know exactly when it’s going to happen.

Read our tips on how to survive below.

Make sure you follow these top tips to make sure you leave as more than just a survivor, but as a winner – and of course leaving with your brain intact.

Keep together

Rule one that I’ve learnt from watching many zombie films is DO NOT SPLIT UP. We know that as soon as one person decides it’s better to split up, that something bad will happen. Solidarity and team comradery always wins out.

The same can be said when planning for an exhibition. This doesn’t mean that you should huddle together on the exhibition stand or take toilet breaks in twos, but you should all be working as a team. Before the exhibition put some time aside to focus everybody on the objectives of the exhibition, to make sure that everybody knows best practice for stand behaviour as well as discussing specifics about uniform and transport.

Making sure that everybody is on the same page will make sure that your team is acting as one and can survive the exhibition.

Arm yourself with the right tools

In a zombie apocalypse, you wouldn’t dream of going out without some form of tool –which pretty much consists of anything you have lying around that can take off a head with enough force.

In the exhibition hall, your tool of choice will be elements on your stand that can help you to convert visitors to leads or sales. Although we hope you won’t be decapitating anybody with banner stands or literature holders, these can help you achieve your objectives to bring them on-stand for more information and give your sales staff an opportunity to convert them.

Being armed with the right sales tools, as well as having lead generation forms ready will help to make sure your objectives of your exhibition are met.

Be prepared for anything

Anything can happen in a zombie apocalypse – those that will survive are those who can keep a calm head when in a crisis and can resolve any situation with speed and lateral thinking.

At your exhibition, don’t be caught out, so make sure you pre-pack an emergency stand kit that contains a few essentials such as pens, business cards, scissors, plasters, sticky tape and maybe even a stepladder. These are items that can help you resolve any potential crisis situation quickly and efficiently.
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