Teamwork Trust wins charity competition

Northamptonshire based charity Teamwork Trust, have won #MHCharityComp 2018 and awarded £500 worth of display equipment.

Teamwork Trust charity winner 2018

The competition has been running annually for eight years, with Teamwork Trust being voted as the winner by the public this year, beating fellow charities British Heart Foundation and The Elizabeth Foundation with 50% of the votes.

A big thank you to our other two finalists, British Heart Foundation and The Elizabeth Foundation for their participation this year - and for their amazing entries which made them finalists in the first place. We hope to see you again next year!

Big boost for East Midlands charity

Speaking about winning the competition, Caroline Prior at Teamwork Trust said:

"As a small local charity in Wellingborough, Kettering and Corby, we are delighted that our fantastic Teamwork family of supporters voted to help us win this great prize against equally deserving national charities.

"Marler Haley stands will ensure we are able to portray a professional image at events and conferences, allowing us to attract new members, customers and to fundraise effectively.

"We know the impact of winning £500 worth of displays will be not only be financial, but also increase our pride in being part of such a great team."

The plan going forward

"It’s almost impossible to decide what we could spend the vouchers from as Marler Haley offer such a wide range, but the two areas we have always wanted to improve are our ability to demonstrate what we do, so definitely on an iPad stand.

"Secondly when we are fundraising at events we would love to have flags or stands that were designed for outside and made us stand out from the crowd.​"

Giving back to charities

Andrew Pocock, Marler Haley's Managing Director said, "We're pleased to announce Teamwork Trust as this years charity winner.

"We've been running the competition for eight years now, and supporting charities has never been so important.

"This is just one small way Marler Haley supports the work charities do every year, and will continue to do so in the future."

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