Promotional Flags – Flying the Flag for Charities

Flags are capable of providing a wealth of messages and meanings, whether that be a country flying their colours, the earliest form of communication, giving visual instructions or even providing brand recognition!
Outdoor Flags at London Marathon

With the London Marathon a stone’s throw away on 22nd April, we’ll take a look at how flags can be used at outdoor charity events like the marathon and the benefits they can offer.

Line the Street

Every charity is aware of the importance of event promotion to gain that much needed brand awareness, which will only help raise those needed funds. At events like the London Marathon, there’s barely a stretch visible that doesn’t have some sort of promotional flag or material to help make passer-bys aware of their presence.

A flag might be a pleasant distraction for those runners whose sole focus will be on placing one foot in front of the other. With events like the London Marathon capturing such large media attention, getting your charity noticed is key.

Highlight your location

Another reason why flags can be a superb choice for events like marathons, are their capability of drawing runners to a focal point. They’re able to highlight meeting and refreshment areas, directing runners to a well-deserved massage and drinks. As flags are available up to 6m tall they can been seen through busy crowds.

What options are available?

As we have already said, flags are an ideal choice for any outdoor event such as a marathon or other charity race or promotion. They’re capable of being mounted to:-

  • lampposts
  • free standing on a variety of surfaces
  • attached to existing structures

Different Shapes and Sizes

Flags are available in 4 shapes; teardrop, feather , crest and sail (rectangular). The choice of flag shape is dependant upon your requirements as a brand and what message you want to communicate.

Teardrop flag

Feather flag

Sail flag

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Does a teardrop fit better with your logo or do you need the additional space that a sail flag can offer.

Our teardrop tall flags are the biggest outdoor flag in our range (up to 6m tall) allowing greater visibility from greater distances. Our freedom feather flags make excellent marker points with their large graphic display area, great for grabbing the attention of a fast-moving audience.

Good luck

For all those taking part, good luck, we salute you all! We hope it’s a successful one for all charities involved.

Now get flying your flag in this summers many exciting charity events!

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