How to upcycle your Banner

Banners are great for attracting attention.

Whether you opt for an indoor banner or an outdoor one, if you have a great design that blends colour, your USP, and relevant information in an attractive way, you’ll likely be halfway to gaining new leads.

What happens when you need to change your message or update your logo though? Do you throw your banner away or do you recycle it? Or, do you upcycle?

What is the difference? Read on to find out more.

Upcycle your Banner

What is upcycling?

First thing’s first – what does upcycled mean exactly? Put simply, it refers to reusing discarded objects or material in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.

You’ve probably already heard of many things that can be upcycled. But what about your old, unused banner? We suggest it’s time you get creative!

What are the benefits of upcycling?

The most obvious benefit of upcycling is its environmental impact.

Upcycling minimises the volume of discarded materials (in this case – your Marler Haley banner) being sent to landfill each year. Also by upcycling old materials, the need for producing new materials is reduced which means less air pollution, water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Not only that, the art of upcycling can act as another creative means of marketing your company. Read on to discover such examples. We present to you easy upcycling ideas that anyone can attempt…

Slat style door curtains

Some people opt for beads but why not go for a banner?

Creating equally sized strips, you could end up with something as creative as this. The more creative the banner design, the better.

From banner to bag

A very popular option for old banners, many people have gotten creative and have made a range of bags such as hand bags, totes and even laundry bags.

Celebrate with bunting and banners

Imagine the amount of bunting you could make with a banner.

Whether you’re throwing a garden party or need some extra decorations for that surprise sweet 16, your banner could be just what you need. If you need a large blank space for a ‘welcome home’ or ‘birthday’ message, how about using the other side of the banner?

You could paint it or stick things to it.

Donate it to a local school or youth club

In the same way that banners are great for bunting, they’re also great for crafts.

Imagine what could be made from the banner or what it could be added to. It might even be used to cover the tables and protect them from spills and stains!

A fashionable option…

How about creating clothing from your old banner? Even if you can’t wear it, it’s a great way to let the creativity flow.

Project yourself!

Why not use the blank side of your banner as a projection screen? You could leave it blank or decorate the sides. The options are endless.

Use your banner as a cover

Need to protect your windscreen or baby veg from those frosty nights? Perhaps you need some temporary roofing or simply require tarpaulin. Your banner is the perfect candidate.

What are your thoughts on our upcycling ideas? Feeling inspired to do something similar with your old Marler Haley banner? If you have any further ideas about how to use old banners, we’d love to hear! We also explore some of the best upcycling ideas on our Pinterest board.

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