Creative tablecloth ideas to get your brand noticed

Looking for creative tablecloth ideas and not quite sure where to start?

We’ve looked at recent designs of tablecloths we’ve printed for customers to share some fantastic examples.

From how to keep things sleek and elegant with a white background, to how to cleverly use brand colours and how to really push the boat out with fully printed tablecloths.

Read on to feel inspired…

Creative tablecloth ideas to get your brand noticed

Creative tablecloths with white backgrounds

Using a white background is not only an inexpensive choice when it comes to buying a printed tablecloth – as the amount of ink used is minimal – but it can also provide a high quality and fresh finish.

Use the white background to your advantage and keep your design simple and sleek like Towan:

towan creative tablecloth 

Creative tablecloths with coloured backgrounds

With printed tablecloths available in any colour, a great way of getting your brand noticed is to use your brand colour as the background.

Choose to either complement the colours of your logo with a matching, or contrasting background colour to attract attention from afar.

In this example, Show my Homework cleverly inversed the colours in their logo to use the bright blue as the printed background colour against a crisp white logo.

They obviously did their homework:

show my homework tablecloth idea

Creative tablecloths with patterned backgrounds

If those two creative ideas haven’t tickled your taste buds enough, then strap yourself in.

Things are about to get busy.

If you’re looking for a really eye-catching display to wow people, then consider a fully-printed background.

We love the look of this delicious printed tablecloth, worthy of any snack table and taking full advantage of an ability to fully print a design.

From printed biscuits to clouds, fire or unicorn rainbows, fully printed tablecloths can be printed with ANY design.

jammy dodger tablecloth

Things to ask your printed tablecloth supplier about creative designs:

If you’re looking for a printed tablecloth supplier to create your dream design, then there are a few things you’ll want to ask them:

How do they print their tablecloths?

Not all printed tablecloths were created equal. There are two main ways that a tablecloth can be printed. One is called print-transfer, where your design is printed on top of the fabric.

Print-transfer is usually cheaper option when it comes to creating a printed tablecloth as it doesn’t use a lot of ink. However, it does come with downsides including:

  • Design prone to cracking and peeling
  • Shorter lifespan
  • Little choice of background colour

The second option is a print process called dye-sublimation. This process involves ink being pressed directly into the fabric and has to be printed with polyester blend as cotton is not compatible with this technique.

This technique allows for:

  • Machine washable finish
  • Colour-matching background colour
  • Fully printed designs
  • No cracking or peeling
  • Long lifespan if cared for

This is why, Marler Haley printed tablecloths are all printed using dye sublimation as we believe this method creates a superior product that will last.

Do they print onto stock fabric colours, or do they print the whole background?

Printing onto stock fabric colours often means that they will use a print-transfer technique (see above) rather than printing into the fabric.

It’s an inexpensive choice, but one that does limit your choices when it comes to creative tablecloth ideas.

If you’re looking for a custom background colour with a superior finish, then you’ll be looking for a print process called dye-sublimation – see above to find out what that’s about.

With dye sublimation, you can colour match to pantone references to get a really unique tablecloth design.

Do they check the design by hand before print?

There’s nothing worse than investing in a creative tablecloth design only to find the design or logo blurred when printed.

We check all of our designs by hand (by an actual person) for quality before sending anything to print.

Do they have in house graphics support?

If you have an idea about your design but not quite sure how to make it print ready, check if your supplier has an in-house graphic team.

Available for a small fee, they can offer expert advice and support to make your creative tablecloth idea a reality.

What do other people think?

Finally, look out for reviews, or ask if you can see some examples. It’s a great start to see if they’ve printed something similar, or whether they have addressed your concerns through someone else’s order.

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