Replacing your Banner Stand and Pop-up Display Graphics

Graphics can be unruly. At the time they are designed they can be perfect, but within months they could be the factor that decides it’s high-time to buy a new banner stand to rebrand, refresh or change out of date information.

Before you decide to buy a new one, did you know that if your base unit is still in good working order, then there is a way to replace your graphics, save a bit of cash and save the environment?

Here’s some handy information on the benefits of choosing to replace your graphics. Until 31st August 2013 you can also benefit from 10% off replacement graphics for pop up displays and banner stands when you phone to order with Marler Haley!

Why replace?

Choosing to replace your banner stand or pop up display graphics instead of buying a brand new one has three main advantages:

1.    It’s cheaper than buying a new one. Replacing your graphics could be cheaper than buying new, as the same base unit will be used with new graphics.

2.    It saves the environment. Recycling your base unit will mean that a new one will not need to be made, giving your current banner stand or pop up a new lease of life!

3.    It saves space. By replacing your current graphics, you won’t have to store your old graphics for ‘just in case’ moments – you’ll have new relevant graphics that you’ll be proud to share.

How to replace your graphics

Although you can change graphics yourself for many banner stands, we would advise that you return your roller banner stand to us for its graphics to be changed as it can be tricky. You don’t even have to have bought a Marler Haley banner stand in order for us to provide you with a replacement graphic!

Prices of replacement graphics will vary, if you can’t find the price or your product then please give us a call on 0808 231 9002 and we will be happy to help.

Unfortunately, we are unable to change the graphic on our Genesis roller banner stand.

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