Why Printed Branded Tablecloths are the Best Choice!

Branded tablecloths dress a table beautifully and can pull together your display while hiding a multitude of items below your table. You know that we all do it!

There are 2 ways that a branded tablecloth can be produced, transfer prints or fabric prints.

Transfer printed tablecloths’ -

Are where a transfer of your logo and message is heat press onto a pre dyed fabric. The selection of colours is usually limited as suppliers are required to stock or order in the various pre dyed fabrics. As a result they can not guarantee to match your brands pantone colour.  Often after frequent use and a good wash the transfer will fade or crack.


Fabric printed tablecloths’ -

The printer starts with a base white fabric and then prints the logo and imagery directly onto the fabric. This means that your base colour can be matched to your required pantone colour. Unlike the transfer printed tablecloths the logo is directly printed into the fabric and as a result they are more durable than the transfer printed tablecloths and will not crack and are less likely to fade.

Branded tableclothes’ really do give the perfect finish to your display. Our fabric printed tablecloths, produced in-house, give you the best results.

First Class Branded Tablecloth! – 5 Star Review

Reviewed by Sam Phillips – 20/12/2011

Thank you Marler Haley, the branded tablecloth you produced for us was much talked about at our farmers market. The print is excellent quality and is very eye catching so great when wanting to stand out from the crowd . We have washed it several times and still looks as.

If you have any questions about our printed branded tablecloths’ give our team a call.

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