Choosing The Right Lead Capture App for Your Trade Shows

Using electronic lead capture apps at trade shows on your exhibition stand is the best way of increasing productivity and sales from events.

But which one is best for you?

We've researched the top lead capture apps on the market right now, and summarised everything you need to know in our handy infographic to help you choose the right app for your next show.

Lead capture apps decrease the admin of manually sorting and sifting through paper lead generation forms and allows you to contact leads quicker after the event. This can increase the chance of converting leads into sales.

But finding the right lead capture app for your trade show can be tough.

Each have their perks and most come at a cost. So which is right for your needs?

We’ve made it easier by comparing eight suppliers of lead capture apps from across the web. We hope this will help to create your shortlist of suppliers to contact!

Read on to see our comparison and to read more about these eight suppliers.


Survtapp is an Android based app allowing you to create and manage content rich structured surveys. Starting with one of the lowest price points per month at £7 and a lot of functionality, this could be a great tool for those wanting to create robust lead capture forms using an Android device.

What people say:

Capterra: 4 reviews, 5/5
Google Play: 67 Reviews, 4.5/5

LeadR by Media Base Direct

LEADR is built around a conversation, enabling people to capture standard contact information, as well as 4 customisable questions. There is also a notes section and a multi-choice question section.

It’s designed to be quick, simple and conversation based. It’s available as an Apple App and is a great fast solution if you’re looking to collect basic data. Pricing is dependent on the number of leads you generate (£29.99 per 100 leads), so is fully scalable.

What people say:

Capterra: 1 review, 5/5
TrustPilot: 17 reviews, 4/5

OnSpot Social

The OnSpot Social app is available in the Apple App store and offers a lot of great social features. These include a photo booth that can be set up to then email the link to the photos to the customer, a scratch & win contest feature, signature capture, surveys and reviews, a random "winner picker" that will choose a random email to be a contest winner and much more.
They are always open to custom development projects based on customer needs and the suggested feature's usability by our other clients.

Pricing starts from about £11, charged as USD$15 per month for one device with a scalable cost to add more devices.

What people say: no reviews found

Quicktap survey

Quicktap survey can be used on both Android and Apple devices and offers the widest range of question field types in this comparison with a whopping 35 types of question. Also supported are web-based surveys.

With scalable options, their price points (including individual, pro and premium plans) are structured to help both small and larger sized enterprises with their exhibiting needs.

Of all the trade show lead capture apps that we have investigated, Quicktap Survey are also the ones with the most thorough independent reviews.

What people say:

Capterra: 57 reviews, 4.5/5
App Store: 167 reviews, 4.8/5
Google Play:  470 reviews, 4/5


AKKROO is a powerful, universal event lead capture solution that connects events with sales and marketing. It fully integrates with a variety of different CRM & email platforms and offers a fully account managed solution, AKKROO ticks all the boxes when it comes to functionality.

Priced from £292, AKKROO specialise in bespoke packages so would be great to use if you’re a regular exhibitor.

What people say:

Capterra: 25 reviews, 4.5/5


iCapture is a fuss free scanner, designed to scan data in seconds from badges, barcodes to business cards.
If you’re after a fast scanner, this could be the tool for you.

Single use plans are available on request and usually available on up to five different devices.

What people say:

Capterra: 6 reviews, 5/5
Google Play: 8 reviews, 4.1/5
App Store: 13 reviews, 2.5/5


MyFairTool takes a holistic approach to event planning with tools to help prepare for the show as well as capturing leads.
Priced from £260 (USD$349), it offers a web-based platform for budgeting, social outreach for the event, setting targets and more.

What people say:
0 reviews found

Google forms

As the completely free option, you’d expect that Google forms would come in with basic functionality.

Although requiring internet connection to function unlike most of the paid platforms, it does still provide a lot of functionality.

One con of using Google forms however, is that it doesn’t have an instant refresh after submitting data, which then means that the user has to make sure that the screen is refreshed before the next person enters data.

If you’re starting out however and can’t justify the cost of a paid platform, it’s great to use as a proof of principle for the need of a dedicated lead capture form.

Any we’ve missed?

If you’re sad that we’ve missed a lead capture app that you love, then we’d like to hear from you. Either leave us a comment below telling us about the app that you love, or send us an email to and we will consider adding to our guide on a future update.

*All prices and information is accurate as of 24/05/2018 but are subject to change. Please check with the individual lead capture apps for their up to date prices and features.

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