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Banner Stand Design Guide

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About this banner stand design benchmark report

Using the right design at an exhibition, roller banners can help increase brand awareness and drive on-stand visits, giving brands the opportunity to convert visits into leads and sales.

But are marketers following best practice when designing their banner stands?

We analysed 102 banner stand designs that Marler Haley printed for businesses and charities in 2016 to create a benchmark for how they are currently being designed.

We’ve also added expert opinion on best practice and next steps you can take to improve design with the aim to increase your ROI.

Expert opinion

Daniel Ridgers, Graphics Technician at Marler Haley said: “After compiling this benchmark report, it became apparent that there’s a lot of opportunity for marketers when it comes to banner design.

“Although most designs follow basic best practice such as the logo being in the top fifth, there’s unfortunately only a very small number that would be able to tick every box when it comes to being perfect.”

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Guide to designing a banner stand

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