What Ghoulish Exhibitor are you Most Like?

To celebrate Halloween, find out what would happen if 5 top spooky characters became exhibitors and how we think they could improve to increase their leads and sales.

Halloween at Marler Haley


Ghosts are invisible exhibitors. You’ll often see them looking a bit bored, checking their mobile phones, or hidden away at the back of their exhibit. Passersby generally ignore ghosts, as they seem more interested in their own misery and afterlife than generating leads or sales.

We’d suggest that they ditch the phone and take a leaf out of ‘Casper’s’ book to make a concerted effort to talk to passersby with a friendly attitude to gain attention and attract people on-stand.


Mummies are generally slow moving ‘groaners’ at exhibitions. They’ll take part on-stand and following passersby, but are unwilling to put in 100% effort in to grab a lead or sale.

We’d suggest that the exhibitors make sure that all on-stand staff are pre-prepared before the exhibition by understanding their goals and have clear expectations for behaviour and activity. An incentive could also be added to allow healthy competition between on-stand staff and act as motivation to succeed!


With an aggressive nature, you’ll often see werewolves talking at passersby rather than talking with them. They’ll receive some leads through their sheer force, but will generally be left alienating passersby and left howling at the moon after not reaching targets.

We’d suggest that they should tone down their approach and play it cool! Probing questions will allow passersby an opportunity to tell exhibitors about their needs. This also allows exhibitors time to assess their value as a potential lead and opens a dialogue to discuss your product or service.


A witch exhibitor will draw in a passerby using magical powers, potions and abilities on-stand – such as freebies and on-stand engagement tools. However, their magic is short-lasting as passersby saunter away after receiving their goodies.

We’d suggest that their on-stand engagement tools and freebies should be relevant to their products or services and are given out to potential leads, rather than everybody on-stand. Not only will this help to decrease the volume of freebie-hunters, but will also help you to gain quality leads as an incentive.


Vampires attract their visitors on stand using their innate charm and charisma. Oozing with confidence and persuasive skills, they draw people on-stand by creating an attractive environment and are supported by the use of  stunning banner stand graphics. They can often be seen closing leads and sales, with visitors left in the wake of their amazing on-stand experience and customer service.

We’d suggest that they keep doing what they’re doing!

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