Exhibition stand design ideas

The way an exhibition stand looks is key to luring visitors towards your stand.

But how do you come up with an exhibition stand design with that wow factor in the first place?

Below, we go into more detail about the features and components of exhibition stands and design that pave the foundation towards building stands that give a high ROI.

Exhibition stand design inspiration

Where to get exhibition design ideas and inspiration?

When seeking inspiration for your next project, why not try searching for European Stand Contractors and designers?

Generally speaking, German and Danish exhibition houses produce some of the most interesting work in the industry.

German design is usually bold, striking, well finished and on a massive scale. The build quality is always second to none with a huge amount of attention on the construction details of bespoke items.

Pinterest or Behance are great places for inspiration. Display International also showcase some awesome stand designs which confirms the points made above.

Exhibition stand trends and common attributes

- Wood / natural materials

The focus on natural materials in the exhibition industry is still strong.

There’s a big emphasis on the finer details of stands that produce a ‘hand-made’ look:

  • Specialised carpentry joints in bespoke items such as counters and showcases.
  • Trees, flowers and planting to create a natural, relaxed atmosphere (which touches on the environmental side and sustainability).

- BOLD bing words and text

We are still seeing strong use of bold words and text on stands.

BIG BOLD words in strong fonts printed onto one colour backgrounds are common, with the use of 3D text also being quite prominent.

Strong tones are also popular – whether that’s bold use of colour, or good use of monochrome style stands.

Less imagery is another trend we’re seeing become more popular too. When we do see imagery, it’s generally oversized rather than multiple layered images for greater effect.

- Rigged structures to create impact

Most exhibition stands now feature large, rigged graphic headers, lighting features or hanging structures.

With less architecture on the floor, this creates a welcome space and allows traffic to flow freely around the stand.

- Enclosed spaces

Several contractors are creating enclosed booths, which takes the customer on a controlled journey around stand.

This has always been popular but often difficult to achieve in the UK due to build regulations.

- LED videowalls

LED tiled walls is the go-to feature of exhibition stands in 2019.

Creating visually appealing and attractive colour changes, motion and movement on videowalls is a brilliant way of attracting attention without your on-stand team having to do anything!

- Physical engagement

With everyone pushing digital, we are seeing a backwards leap into physical engagement.

Fun games like mini golf, football tables, penalty shootouts and basketball create attention while allowing the customer to be engaged in discussions with your on-stand team.

Custom exhibition stands

Are you looking for an award-winning team of experts to create a custom build and design exhibition stand? Fill out the form on our exhibition stand builders page and a member of the team will be able to assist.

Do you have any exhibition stand design ideas you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below!

*Images sourced from Nimlok.

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