Freestanding Displays vs. Shell Scheme Graphics

As exhibition season is approaching, we thought it might be useful to take a look at how to utilise your shell scheme space. The system is usually always provided by the event organiser so you need to decide whether you're going to opt for shell scheme graphics or fill the space with freestanding display equipment.

Shell Scheme 

Flexitol laderma shell scheme graphics display standShell scheme panels are typically 2400mm x 1000mm but can vary depending on the exhibition. We recommend you check before ordering. If a custom size is required, we can create panels to fit.


Shell schemes always include walling and might even include lighting to help you illuminate your message and stand out amongst the crowd.

This sleek design option means that you don’t use up any of your floor space – you’re provided with maximum space to use for prospective clients.

These rollable PVC panels are lightweight and easy to pack away making travelling hassle free.

Panels can be custom built to fit your venue.

Graphics attach using either Velcro or magnetic strips. Quick and easy!

You can create one big message with individual panels or take users on a journey with each panel.

Your graphics can be as vibrant or as simplistic as you like.


Shell scheme systems aren't universal. Your panels from one won't always fit another meaning that if you were hoping to exhibit with the same message, you might have to repurchase.


Asking for a panel size that can fit all. If you know your stand sizes in advance (and your objectives are the same for each show), you could work your production and design teams to find a middle size that could work across all of your shell scheme systems.

Adding technological interaction to your walling. Technology is a great way to grab the attention of attendees.

Using a freestanding display or two in your shell scheme. iPad holders, literature stands and even a banner stand can still add plenty of value whilst taking up minimal space.


Freestanding Displays

MK services freestanding display standsFreestanding displays cover a range of display equipment such as pop up stands and banners. If you have a space only stand or are exhibiting somewhere smaller, this might well be the option for you.


Freestanding displays are portable, freestanding and usually lightweight.

These displays come in a range of sizes from the horizontal fabric stand through to the literature rack and humble banner stand. Anything that stands by itself can be used in your exhibition space and can be used as a freestanding display.

Whether you have a large space or a small space, you have plenty of room to play with. Let your imagination run free.

Depending on your objectives for future shows you can use your displays time and time again. You could also use them semi- permanently in reception areas.

If your venue allows it, you could add a modular wall for extra branding. Not only could you add an interactive screen here but you’d be able to claw back any space you might have lost by using your other displays.

If your stand is predominantly freestanding then it’s likely that you’ll have more than one open side. This is an advantage as attendees can walk in from more than one side, opening your stand up to more business.


It's easy to get carried away and clutter your space. Remember, the more equipment you buy is the more space you use up. This is space you could use to entertain potential clients.


Using different types of displays to save space. The classic Veloce pop up takes up more room than a fabric display, for example. It’s an excellent alternative if you need more space.


Your venue will almost always dictate the type of space you’ll be exhibiting in but if you ever have a choice, it’s always worth considering your objectives before making a decision.

Do you require lots of space to entertain clients? Or do you just need a small amount of space? What’s your budget like?

As we’ve seen, shell schemes can work out to be cheaper, even if it is a very large space.

Your design is vital. Regardless of whether your main focus will be a space saving fabric display or the branded panels of your shell scheme, we believe these design tips might be of use.

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