How we’re helping to spread Christmas cheer with Wellingborough Foodbank

We pledged to donate a food parcel to the Wellingborough Food bank – our local foodbank – for every order we received on Black Friday.

True to our promise, we went shopping and filled two shopping trolleys with festive food.

Marler Haley Foodbank Donation

Over 100 items

Marler Haley Foodbank PackingWith an impressive array of over 100 items ranging from toiletries, drinks, Christmas treats and a few general necessities that are always in demand, we hope that for a few families living in Wellingborough that we’re able to spread a little joy to help celebrate the festive season.

“Christmas can be a particularly difficult time for families who are struggling financially” said Andrew Pocock, Sales and Marketing Director at Marler Haley.

He continues; “With thousands of people rushing to the sales to fight over the latest bargain to put under their Christmas trees, our thoughts turned to those who are struggling to provide even the basic necessities that most of us take for granted. Food, drink and toiletries.

“That’s why we wanted to help by donating Christmas related food items to our local food bank.

“Not only does this help us to provide the antidote to Black Friday by focusing on the needs of our local community, but we hope that our donations will in some way help to spread a bit of Christmas joy to those most in need this year.”

Foodbank donation drop off

Marler Haley Food Bank DonationWhile waiting at the foodbank to drop off our donation, I talked to a gentleman who told me how much of a lifesaver the foodbank has been to him since he has been unemployed.

A crisis can happen to anybody at any time and local foodbanks provide a vital lifeline. Using the foodbank isn’t a choice that most make willingly, but it is there to lend a helping hand in people’s hour of need.

Food banks rely heavily on donations made by the local community to continue to provide food for those most in need on a daily basis.

We dropped our donation off with Viv Adams, Daycentre and Foodbank Coordinator for the Daylight Centre Fellowship who run our local food bank who gratefully accepted our donation.

Ongoing commitment

We’re always keen to help charities in need and have an ongoing commitment. For the past six years, we’ve given away £300 worth of displays through our annual charity competition. We also provide free banners to charities and ongoing discounts.

We’re so pleased that our Black Friday promise has generated so much enthusiasm from our customers who have chosen to support our charitable efforts by purchasing with us on Black Friday.

We would urge everybody to consider donating to their local foodbanks this Christmas.

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