Partnership with the Ideal Home Show and Olympia

At Marler Haley, sustainability is one of our top priorities. As the UK’s leading event and marketing display company, we feel that we can help pave the way to improving corporate responsibility.

Recycling banners at the Ideal Home Show in Olympia London

As part of our commitment to a better environment, we now offer eco-friendly banners and marketing displays. In addition to this, we are pleased to announce that will be partnering with Olympia London and the Ideal Home Show to offer a banner recycling service.

Marler Haley will be at the Ideal Home Show on the 7th April to collect any unwanted banners ready to be recycled. With around 600 exhibitors on site, we are hoping that our recycling service will prove very popular.

Banners will be dismantled and sorted:

  • The aluminium being sent to be melted and re-used
  • The graphics will be sent for shredding for re-use elsewhere or to be made into new products in the UK.

As well as collecting banners to recycle, our staff will be promoting our new eco display range, which are either 100% PVC free or made from recycled or sustainable materials.

To help encourage eco-friendly tactics, we are also offering a £10 credit to companies who wish to recycle their banners or graphics when the event has finished.

There’s been a growing trend of individuals and communities taking responsibility and attempting to reduce their plastic waste at home. At Marler Haley we want to be the driving force bringing this accountability to the work place.

We spend so much of our time at work, the sooner we incorporate some of the principles we live by at home into our workplaces, the bigger difference we can make.

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