Working towards CO2 reductions

In a world experiencing rising sea levels and extreme weather as a result of climate change caused by increasing greenhouse gases, corporate social responsibility has never been more important.

Marler Haley working towards CO2 reductions

What's the point?

By supporting vital projects that help communities, implementing recycling schemes and introducing eco-friendly products, we’re helping to reduce our effects on the climate and become a more socially responsible company.

It's also helping towards achieving our environmental objectives – with our latest carbon offsetting project specifically working towards point nine:

9. Carbon Footprint

“To measure and understand the overall impact the company has on the climate and be able to plan methods of reducing it.”
Rwanda Safe Water Project

Safe Water Access in Rwanda

Working with Gold Standard, we’re helping to deliver clean, safe water to hundreds of households in Rwanda.

As well as providing a supply of clean and safe water to local communities, we’ll be helping to offset 22 tonnes of CO2.

How is this done?

CO2balance will work with local groups and NGOs in Rwanda to help identify and rehabilitate broken down boreholes.

An ongoing maintenance programme combined with water sanitation and hygiene training will ensure a clean, reliable source of water is maintained.

The results?

  • Clean supply of safe water
  • Less time spent collecting water
  • Reduced expenditure on wood (normally used to boil and sanitise water)
  • Reduced deforestation = reduced pressure on local wildlife

Our green solutions to lower global emissions

We can’t rely solely on financing CO2 reduction projects to offset our carbon production. This is why we’re working towards offering an environmentally friendly range of products.

Our new eco-friendly range of displays gives the customer a fully recyclable and ethical choice of display to choose from.

Environmentally friendly banner

Our latest addition to the range is our eco-friendly outdoor banner. Produced in a carbon positive factory powered by 100% renewable energy and made from polypropylene (recyclable material), these banners are 100% PVC free.

The UV LED print process is the most eco-friendly print process that can be used, and the ink is free of any VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

We also source all of our head office electricity using renewable energy. Our green electricity is made up of 60% solar and 40% wind - so all of our customers receive 100% green electricity.

Recycling your old roller banners - how to do your part

You can trade in your old display with our recycling scheme. The aluminium base units on your old banners can be recycled, and we can do this for you.

The graphics contain PVC which is widely not recyclable. However, there are plenty of ways you can upcycle your banner and find more creative uses for them.
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