Naughty Exhibitors Caught in the Act

We set out to answer one simple question: Are exhibitors following best practice? The short answer is not always. Below is our infographic on our key findings along with our top tips for how to avoid these exhibiting blunders.

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Naughty Exhibition Tips  

In a short online survey we ran in December 2013, we asked exhibitors about their habits on-stand at events and exhibitions.

We were surprised to find out that 63% of exhibitors do not follow exhibiting advice and best practice. From our findings, we know that 44% of exhibitors have taken a phone call on stand. Shockingly, 71% of exhibitors also chose not to measure their return on investment from their event. You name the exhibiting crime and they have done the time.

Exhibiting advice shouldn’t be about boring and monotonous tasks that slow you down, it is about helping you to deliver the very best return on investment from your event, to improve your brand awareness and to inspire you to be the very best exhibitor that you can be.

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