Design Inspiration this Exhibition Season

Windows Exhibition standAs exhibition season is in full swing, we decided to take a look at a few brands that have thought outside of the box and implemented innovation to elevate the ‘traditional’ exhibition experience.

Using their products to grab attention and create an aesthetically pleasing exhibition display, we thought that this selection of designs would be perfect if you were in need of some inspiration to ‘wow’ your visitors.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your stand space is either because, the truth is, products are always ideal to showcase because visitors love to experience them before they buy. So why not let these brands inspire you to take your stand to the next level by incorporating your products...


Famed for their purple branding and quirky designs, Cadbury created the perfect experience with this custom stand. Mimicking their delectable chocolate potted treat, this stand was complete with chocolate splodges and a spoon.

Cadbury Exhibition Stand



The German car manufacturer got it right with this exhibition stand. Promoting their A1 model, they created a stand incorporating the car and put huge signage above it in the shape of an ‘A’. What a great way to stand out!

Audi A1 Exhibition stand

Sheilas’ Wheels

Covering their stand in the bright pink that they’re renowned for, Sheilas’ made sure that their signature car was front and centre in this simplistic design. They instantly drew attention and ensured that their stand was recognisable to all who passed by.

Sheilas wheels exhibition stand design inspiration


Windows went all out at the Gadget show when they displayed their Windows 8 tablet above their stand for all of the world to see. With each screen showing a different variation of the Start Menu, Windows successfully showed visitors just how customisable their product is. What a great way to show your product in action!

Windows Exhibition Stand


Exhibition regulars Nokia went for quirky and clever with this design. With an archway that looks like a pair of headphones, this stand made a huge impact and perfectly demonstrated how firms can incorporate products into their design idea.

Nokia Exhibition Stand


Samsung’s design for their first ever, and the world’s first ever curved UHD TV saw them incorporate curves of all contours into their design along with the UHD TV itself. The design and the product in its many sizes grabbed and held the attention of those visiting.

samsung exhibition display


Adorning the inside and out with some of their most famous confectionery treats, this American brand displayed a range of their products on store-inspired shelving providing all who entered with a back- to- childhood candy-shop experience.

Hershey's Exhibition Stand


For more inspiration on how to use your products as a part of your exhibition design, see our board on Pinterest.


*All images can be found on Pinterest.
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