Cafe Barriers

Cafe barriers offer a fully branded solution to section off space outside your premises.

Our cafe barrier systems are modular, meaning you can scale your enclosure to be as big or small as you like. This also means the perimeter of your cafe barriers is completely flexible and adaptable to a space that suits.

Choose from our selection of chrome or black cafe barriers with printed PVC or mesh cafe banner graphics below to create a fully branded enclosure.

Talk to a dedicated account manager today on 0800 072 7742 for stock information.


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What is a cafe barrier?

A cafe barrier is split into three different components: a cafe banner graphic, two horizontal support poles that feed through the top and bottom sections of the graphic pockets and two support poles and bases that secure together.

One complete cafe barrier can be scaled up in quantity to create a cafe barrier system for enclosed areas within or next to your premises.

Essentially, a cafe barrier allows the creation of an enclosed branded area either within a building with plenty of space, or next to your premises (ie. outside your cafe). There's also the added benefit of showing off your branded graphics to attract attention of passers by or to give off a professional look and feel.

Different cafe barriers to choose from

Choose from black or chrome posts and bases to suit the style of your brand. As well as this, you can choose from PVC or mesh fabric as the material for your cafe banner.

Mesh fabric has a show through of about 80% which means you will be able to see your logo or message on the reverse. This is great for displaying a logo so it can be seen from both sides. Remember, and text in your artwork will be reversed on the other side.

PVC graphics are solid, which makes double sided options great if you want to display two different messages. Please contact us to talk about double sided options with PVC graphics.

When and where to use cafe barriers?

Our cafe barriers are suitable for use indoors and outdoors. Cafe barriers are great for defining areas outside restaurants, cafes and retail shops.

If using outdoors, we recommend storing the graphics and bases indoors overnight or during windy weather conditions. This is to preserve the longevity of your graphics and ensure the cafe barriers last as long as possible without damage.

Artwork designs on cafe banners

Your artwork can simply be a company logo across the face of the cafe banner, or a custom message or offer for passers by to read.

If you're looking to get creative, why not display different messages along the length of multiple cafe barrier systems?

For any artwork queries, we have a team of in-house graphic technicians to assist you. Need help creating artwork? We also offer graphic services starting from £25 to help turn your brief into amazing print ready artwork.

Replacement cafe banners

Looking to refresh your current marketing messages, or plan to in the future?

Save money by purchasing replacement cafe banner graphics - there's no need to buy new posts and bases.

The graphics are easily changed. Pole pockets are located at the top and bottom of the graphic - just remove the poles from these pockets and replace with the new graphic in minutes.

Don't forget, we can recycle your old PVC graphics.

Why choose Marler Haley for cafe barriers?

We're the leading UK supplier of outdoor advertising displays. Here's what you can expect from us:

  • High quality printed graphics
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Fast turnaround for tight deadlines
  • Artwork design help and services

For more information on our cafe barrier systems, talk to an account manager today on 0800 072 7742.