Why should you use Digital Signage?

Did you know digital signage generates 400% more views than static signage? [1]

Digital signage plays a big part in aiding the customers decision making process.

Whether that’s in an event or retail environment, the content you display on digital signs will help inform, engage and ultimately persuade customers to make a decision.

Below, we’ve gone into more detail about why you should use digital signage and how to find a digital sign solution that best fits the need of your business.

benefits of using digital signage

Before going into the different forms of digital signs to choose from, it’s important to understand the benefits of ‘going digital’ in the first place.

Benefits of using digital signage

done Advertisements can be running 24/7.
done Dynamic content including videos can be used to attract attention.
done Ability to target customer segments by showing relevant adverts at specific times of the day.
done Save money on print costs.
done Updating media content only costs time if made in-house.
done Replacing digital content is fast and easy (there’s no print time to hold you back either).
done Digital signage can appeal to two of the five senses, sight and sound.
done Digital signage can generate another source of income from third party advertisements.
done Touch screen options allows self-service for customers and saves time for employees.

Of course, getting these benefits are solely dependant on the type of digital sign you use, and the content that’s displayed on it.

There are only a few seconds between a customer walking past your sign and taking notice of your screen.

To capture the attention of the customer, you need to display great content. Great content is:

  • Visually attractive
  • Creative yet simple to read and see
  • Relevant to your target market
  • Short and concise
  • Impactful on the customer

Choosing the perfect digital sign for your needs

Now you know the benefits of digital signage and how to complement it with great content, it’s time to decide on a digital display that suits your needs.


For a self-service display, a Digital Kiosk is ideal. Featuring a lockable rear panel to ensure safe use in public areas, this kiosk looks and feels exactly how you’d expect a self-service display to. Adding touch screen functionality will also enable customer interaction with the kiosk.

digital kiosk

Exhibition digital displays

For exhibitions and events, we would recommend using a portable digital display – something you can manoeuvre easily with minimal set up time. This is why we love the Digital A-Board Sign.

The base of the frame is on wheels, so minimal effort is needed when moving this display. There’s also a USB socket which allows you to simply ‘plug and play’ your digital content in a matter of minutes.

digital a-board sign

Digital displays for retail

In retail environments, a balance of robustness, functionality and design is essential.

The Digital Totem Display provides an all-in-one solution that meets this criteria. Featuring a 4mm toughened safety glass panel for added protection and an internal fan cooling system to prevent your display from overheating, there’s no better freestanding digital display out there.

If you're looking for an all inclusive option, we recommend going for a digital display that provides screen included options to avoid the installation hassle.

digital totem display

Wall mounted digital signs

Wall mounted digital signs are great for use in educational or food and hospitality environments to name a few.

As the name suggests, these signs are designed to be, and can be mounted on walls with ease. If you're looking to add your own screen, make sure you look out for displays supplied with a universal VESA bracket. Most TV brands are compatible with VESA brackets, so you shouldn't have a problem with attaching yours onto the wall sign.

Wall mounted signs are ideal for displaying menus, promotional messages or general information for customers or visitors.

digital wall panel



Think we’ve missed anything about digital signage you’d like to know? Let us know in the comments below!

[1] Source: Intel Corp. Data accessed from: Why Digital Signage is Paying Dividends

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