How we recycle your old banners and displays

We are getting lots of questions about what happens to our recyclable banners when they are sent back to us for recycling. So we thought it was worth giving you an overview of what happens and where they go.

how we recycle your displays

Stage 1: Dismantling

When your banner is sent back to us, a member of the team checks it over and dismantles it. It is split into its composite parts: plastic, aluminium and graphics.

Stage 2: Sorting

These are then sorted - the aluminium is sent to a UK aluminium mill where it will be melted down and re-used.

A very small percentage of the banner is plastic which cannot be recycled. Sadly, this is put into the general waste. We will work on how to improve this.

The graphics are then sent to a specialist recycling plant. There are a limited number of recyclers that can handle the graphics, so we are lucky to be working with them.

Stage 3: Shredding

The graphics are then shredded into very small pieces and sold on to manufacturers in the UK.

Stage 4: Repurposing

The graphics are then made into new products in the UK. These include horse riding arena bases, traffic cone bases and Harris fencing bases.

Find out more about our recycling service.

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