When to use Shell Scheme Graphics

At most events the organiser will provide you with a walling system know as a shell scheme system. These are available in a variety of sizes with varying attachments. Your event organiser will provide you with all of the specifications of the shell scheme that you book.

Shell Scheme Graphics

If you are allocated a shell scheme and would like to brand the area then Shell scheme graphics are perfect. The graphics will be created based upon the event organisers specifications, taking into consideration the overall size of the scheme, the individual panel size and the necessary fixing type.

Fixing your graphics to your scheme is easy, you will be provided with velcro fitting or self adhesive steel tape and magnetic tape. This will be dependent on the specifications provided by your event organiser.

Based on the specifications you will be provided with a number of panels, each panel will be numbered to aid you in assembly. The graphics are rollable so easy to transport, a protective tube can be provided to protect your graphic during transport and storage.

If you have any questions or need advice then give us a call.

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