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Inflatable Displays

Displays to fill with air

Grab attention with these large, printed inflatable displays – perfect for outdoor events.

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Inflatable Advertising Displays

Inflatable displays are large, attention grabbing signs that are perfect to use at outdoor events.

They’re simple to assemble, lightweight and provide a large graphic area to attract attention from a distance.

Inflate in minutes with minimal effort

Although you could inflate your display with a hand pump, we would recommend using an electric pump. Not only does this save you time, but also energy.

With an electric pump, your display can be assembled in just over a minute. All you need to do is attach the display to the pump, wait until it is fully inflated then add the cap to the valve to keep your display fully inflated.

This means there’s no need to be near an electric supply after the display is fully inflated.

Large, lightweight display that pack down small

The best things come in small packages.

Inflatable displays pack down into a much smaller size for ease of transport when they are deflated. They are also super-lightweight in comparison to other outdoor displays weighing as little as 1kg.

This makes transporting your inflatable display really simple leaving room for to leave a lasting impression with your visitors.

Keep your displays from being blown away

Inflatable displays use weighted bases that can be filled with water or sand as well as ground pegs to withstand light winds up to 15mph.

This keeps your inflatable displays in one place, making sure you blow your visitors away and not your displays.

Easy to care for inflatable displays

Designs are printed onto high quality, machine washable polyester fabric to fit the inflated structure.

As the fabric can be taken off of the inflatable display, they can be machine washed and ironed to keep them looking as fresh as new.

No hand-scrubbing or fear of the design coming off by scrubbing too hard! We use a high-tech printing technique called dye sublimation which means that the design is printed into the fabric rather than transferred on top of it. No matter how many times you wash it, the design will not crack or peel unlike other printing techniques.

Free puncture repair kit with every inflatable

Each inflatable display product also comes with a free puncture repair kit. Accidents will inevitably happen, but by being prepared, can be easily fixed without having to purchase a completely new display.

As the graphics fit over the inflated structure, any minor repairs will also be hidden from sight to keep your brand in the best light.

Our range of inflatable products come with a 1 year guarantee with replacements available to purchase separately.

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