Fantastic Fabric

Exciting and contemporary, fabric exhibition displays bring a whole new dimension to any event. The vast size and curved lines of the fabric display are guaranteed to help you create the ultimate wow factor and attract visitors to your stand.


How Fabric Exhibition Stands Work

The fabric is designed to stretch tight through tension as it’s slipped over a supporting framework which is normally made from light aluminium tubing. Giving your graphics a fabulous look which stands out, the frame also ensures that your graphic remains wrinkle free, providing you with a seamless backdrop.

The Benefits of a Fabric Display

Fabric displays come in a range of shapes and sizes and provide many benefits.

  • Regardless of the shape and size, all fabric displays have a lightweight click- fit frame which is easy to assemble and take down. The click- fit frame packs away easily too.
  • Fabric displays are made up of a one piece, scratch and crease resistant graphic that is seamless when attached to the frame. Use your graphic over and over again and make an impact each time.
  • Graphics are printed in to the fabric as opposed to on to it meaning that you can wash it as many times as needed without worrying about fading and cracking. When folded and packed away, it also takes up very little room.
  • The whole display is very easy to transport which is great news for travelling salesmen who want to exhibit their brand throughout the country and worldwide.
  • And for those of you that are environmentally conscious, one of the best benefits of the fabric display is that once you’re finished with it, it can be recycled.


What does Fabric have to Offer?

Fabric is fantastic for offering a fresh, new, and exciting alternative to more traditional exhibition stand displays meaning you get the chance to stand out from the competition. And why not choose to stand out? Exhibition halls are, generally, filled to the brim with pops and banners. It’s important to remember that your stand speaks louder than you do about your brand so if you’re trying to convince people that you’re innovative, you need to show it.

Not only will a fabric display give you the chance to shine and own the show but it will bring the focus onto you and get people talking to and about you. Fabric is vibrant, fresh, and shows your clients that you’re doing something different. It offers you the chance to mix things up which is important in the world of business.