Counter Guide

A counter in its most basic form is a usable surface – usually at hip height.Pop-up-Display-Counter-min

For events, exhibitions and retail, it’s a surface that depending on the design of the counter or plinth can be used for lead taking, reception areas, sampling or even to display items such as products or literature.

What is the difference between a counter and a plinth?

A counter is generally thought of as a rectangular or oblong shape, giving a larger working area. Some have internal storage options available and can even be used outside. Plinths on the other hand have circular worktops with no internal storage.

There is a certain amount of overlap with their use, as some people prefer to use a counter to display a product as they would with a plinth, whereas people short on space at an exhibition may use a plinth as a lead taking desk.

What do you need to use the counter for?

The first step in choosing the right counter is deciding on a list of features you need based on how you are going to use it. We’ve listed popular features based on use below to give you a head start in finding your perfect counter:

Sampling/promotional displays

  • Storage for your samples
  • Ability to add your own branding to increase awareness and draw attention
  • Does it need to be used outdoors?

Lead taking

  • Branding – ability to add your own graphic to match your display
  • Floor space – how much do you have, if a small space maybe choose a plinth
  • Storage – to store business cards, surplus leaflets and brochures etc

Reception area

  • Cable hole for a computer
  • Shelves for storing business cards etc
  • Do you want it to be branded?

Displaying items – non-valuable

  • Small counter area – to focus on the product / literature and not take up too much space
  • Branding

Displaying items – valuable

Features and popular counters

Now that you know what features you’re looking for, here’s a quick guide for our most popular counters and plinths to help decide which is best to suit your needs.


Branding: full graphic Branding: sign Storage Cable hole Lockable doors Outdoor Small
Modesko Portable Display Counter




Pop-up-Display-Counter-minPop Up Counter
Display Counter with Computer Work Station 500 - small500








If you’re still not sure, take a look at our full range of display plinths and counters, or give us a call on 0808 149 4656 and we’ll help you to choose the right counter for your needs.