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Shell Scheme Graphics Guide

What is a shell scheme? What are shell scheme graphics? Let us explain things as simply as possible with this handy infographic below:


Finding the right shell scheme graphics

At most events and exhibitions the organiser provides you with a walling system know as a shell scheme system. The sizing varies from event to event and can vary within an event depending upon location within the actual event.

If you are allocated a shell scheme and would like to brand the area then shell scheme graphics are perfect. The graphics will be created based upon the event organisers specifications, taking into consideration the overall size of the scheme, the individual panel size and the necessary fixing type.

Shell scheme sizes

Typically the sizes of a shell scheme are 1m x 3m, 2m x 3m, 3m x 3m, 3m x 4m.

The system is made of individual sections that are approximately 1m wide x 2.4m tall and constructed using aluminium posts.

Your event organiser will provide you with all of the specifications of the shell scheme that you book. If you are attending several events you could ask your event organiser to be placed in a similar size scheme to enable you to get as much use from your graphics as possible.

Attaching your shell scheme graphics

The walling system is usually supplied with rollable PVC graphic panels that are covered in a velcro friendly fabric on the reverse. Sometimes foam board panels are used too.

Your event organiser will inform you of the type of material that your scheme is made of and this will determine the type of fixing that you need to attach your graphics with:

- If your wall panels are covered in velcro friendly fabric then your graphics will be supplied with hook velcro fitting.

- If your walling system is made of foam board then we can supply self adhesive steel tape that can be applied to the wall (event organisers will allow this). We will then apply magnetic tape to the back of the graphics for easy fitting.

You will be supplied with a number of individual graphics which will be fixed to your scheme, each graphic will be numbered to aid you in assembly.

Storing and transporting your graphics

Shell scheme graphics are rollable which means they are easy to transport and store. Protective graphic tubes can be purchased separately to ensure that your graphics do not get damaged.

Updating your graphics

As graphics are supplied in panels if your message changes slightly you could update a single panel rather than the entire set, this should be taken into consideration when creating your design.

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