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Pop Up Displays Guide

Pop up stand is a widely used term in the exhibition and events industry. But what actually is a pop up stand? Why would you want one? What pop up stand is right for me?

Our guide will clear up and questions you may have on pop up stands and help you find the perfect pop up display for your next event.

  1. What is a pop up display stand?
  2. Why use pop up stands?
  3. Pop up stand sizes
  4. How to assemble a pop up stand?
  5. Artwork help on pop up displays
  6. Why choose us for your next pop up stand?

What is a pop up stand?

A pop up stand is a type of display made up of a pop-up frame structure and PVC graphic panels that attach to the frame – ideal for creating eye-catching and professional backdrops for events, exhibitions and shows.

Don’t get confused with banner stands. Banners are smaller, lightweight displays that often feature a retractable graphic system.

Pop ups feature a much larger frame and graphics are manually added to create a wide seamless back wall. Learn more about the difference between banners and pop up stands.

Why use pop up stands?

Pop up stands are easy to assemble and are an affordable option when it comes to fully branded backdrops. Although pop ups may cost more than pop up banners, they’ll last for years without needing to replace graphics.

To update your graphics with new messages, only replacement graphics have to be purchased.

As well as saving money in the long term, you’ll have a back drop that looks the part for years.

Don’t mistake its size for lack of portability. Pop up displays are incredibly portable thanks to the lattice frame structure that collapses like a concertina frame. The frame and PVC graphics fit neatly into the wheeled case (included in the bundle options) for safe and easy transportation.

The case can also double up as a counter when a graphic wrap and counter top is added – also included in the kit option.

Pop up stand sizes

Our classic pop up stands come in five different curved and straight sizes:

Curved Pop Up Size Assembled width Assembled height
3x2 1930mm 2225mm
3x3 2540mm 2225mm
3x4 3070mm 2225mm
3x5 3310mm 2225mm


Straight Pop Up Size Assembled width Assembled height
3x1 1240mm 2225mm
3x2 1970mm 2225mm
3x3 2700mm 2225mm
3x4 3435mm 2225mm
3x5 4160mm 2225mm


It’s a common misconception that the above sizes relate to their size in metres. It’s in fact a reference to the structure of the frame.

As an example, the 3×3 pop up display stand shown below is three grids wide by three grids high. This equates to approximately 2.7 metres wide by 2.2 metres high.
pop up stand sizes
To get an idea how other sizes work, a 3x2 pop up will be missing a column, and a 3x4 size will have an additional column.

How to assemble a pop up stand

Pop up stands are incredibly easy to assemble. Set up takes less than five minutes with two people, and under ten with one.

Watch the video below and see how easy it is to assemble:

Now you now know how easy pop up display stands are to assemble, consider these other factors before purchasing your pop up:

- Choose a stand shape that best fits the space you have.

Pop up display stands can be used to create a straight or curved backwall.

A straight pop up display is good as a backdrop if you’re short on space as it can sit flush to a wall – or can create a flat backdrop as a photography backwall for awards ceremonies.

Curved pop up displays curve slightly inwards - they’re commonly used at events and exhibitions to showcase your custom messages and artwork.

  • - Does a full event bundle work for you?

All pop ups have full bundle options to choose from. Full kit bundles include the standard frame, set of graphics and the following extras: two lights to attach to the top of the frame to illuminate your display, one wheeled case for secure transportation and storage – and a graphic wrap/counter top to convert your case into a promotional event counter.

Pop up stand case
branded pop up stand case
  • - How to look after your display

If not stored or transported safely and securely, graphic panels can get damaged. When packing away, make sure graphic panels are rolled with the print side facing outwards and are stored in a case.

We recommend the sturdy wheeled case that comes with our kit option, or you can purchase this separately on request.

The PVC graphic panels can be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove any marks or dirt that may accumulate while your stand is on display. Try using soapy water for those tough stains.

If you require a new set of replacement graphics, see our pop up replacement graphic panels page.

- Replacing graphic options

If you’re looking to refresh your marketing messages, replacement graphic panels can be purchased separately without the need for a new frame. Your existing frame can be used for years without replacing.

Artwork help on pop up displays

The key benefit of a pop up display stand is the size of the display and the amazing impact it gives. Understanding how to turn your brand and messaging into an impressive display can sometimes be difficult, especially if this is your first time using one.

If this is your first time using a pop up display stand we would recommend seeking professional help in pulling together your message. A variety of agencies can provide a graphics design serviceall you have to do is provide them with your objectives and they can do the rest.

Alternatively, our in-house graphics technicians can work with your logos, images and colours starting from £25 to help create stunning visuals for your pop ups.

Why choose us for your next pop up stand?

We’ve been in the business for over 70 years, so we’d like to think we’re experts when it comes to pop up and exhibition stands.

- Here’s what you can expect to receive from us:
- Dedicated account manager
- Artwork design help available
- High quality print
- 5 day turnaround from receipt of artwork

- 5 year hardware guarantee

For more information on our pop up stands, please don’t hesitate in giving us a call today on 0808 149 4657. Top of Page