Advertising Flag Sizes and Dimensions

So, you’ve decided you want a flag to advertise your marketing messages, but you’re not sure what shape or size of flag to go for?

Avoid the hassle and read our simple flag size and dimensions guide – containing everything you need to know to help you pick the perfect flag for your next event.

Flag sizes buying guide

Decide on a flag shape

Before choosing a size, decide on a shape that best fits the artwork you have. Different logos and straplines will naturally fit different shapes better than others.

Take a look at the different flag shapes we offer below and see which one could work best for you. Here are a few pointers to help you decide:

- Do you have a round logo? Round logos will have a better fit with the natural curve of a teardrop flag.
- Long logos suit feather and rectangular flags better.
- Short or square logos will suit smaller feather and teardrop flag sizes.
- Displaying messages or phrases may be better suited for the flags with a long graphic area - such as the feather and crest flags.

Remember, less is always more with your artwork designs. Your logo or message should always be the focal point. We recommend picking a flag that best suits the shape of your logo, accompanied with one short message or nothing else added at all for maximum impact.

Flag shapes

Pick a suitable size

Once you’ve decided on a shape, it’s time to think about the size of flag you want to use.

Consider the environment you will be working in, whether it’s indoors or outdoors and think about the impact and attention you want to attract.

Of course, large flags results in a greater presence. But will large flags have the same effect next to your stand? Will they draw attention away from what you are selling?

We recommend using large flags for raising awareness. Whether this is for an event, or a promotional message, large flags are ideal for use at entrances of events or at your premises, on road sides or in large open areas. It's worth noting you don't need planning permission for flags under 5 metres in height.

Small to medium sized flags would be better suited to complement your event set up side by side.

See the diagram below for a visual representation.

Choose from these standard flag sizes


Flag sizes comparison guide


Size reference Feather shape height in millimetres Teardrop shape height in millimetres Crest shape height in millimetres
Small 2600mm 2100mm 2600mm
Medium 3200mm 2800mm 3200mm
Large 4000mm 3500mm 4000mm
Extra Large 4900mm 4600mm 4900mm

To put this in perspective, compare these sizes with the measurements below:

Foot (ft) Millimetres Which flag?*
6ft 1828.8mm -
7ft 2133.6mm Small teardrop flag
8ft 2438.4mm -
9ft 2743.2mm Small feather & crest flag
Medium teardrop flag
10ft 3048mm -
11ft 3352.8mm Medium feather & crest flag
Large teardrop flag
12ft 3657.6mm -
13ft 3962.4mm Large feather & crest flag
14ft 4267.2mm -
15ft 4572mm Extra large teardrop flag
16ft 4876.8mm Extra large feather & crest flag

*approximately, rounded to the nearest foot

Match your flag to a suitable base

There’s a variety of flag bases to choose from depending on the type of flag you have. When choosing a flag base, it’s best to split out the options based on indoor or outdoor use:

For indoor advertising flags:

Crossbases are the popular choice for indoor flags. Small or large crossbases fit small and medium or large and extra large flags respectively.

A slightly sturdier option is the 400mm weighted square base. This base has a larger surface area and so, is heavier too weighing in at 4 kilograms.

For any indoor event where a car is parked next to your event set up, or is the focal point of your display, then a drive on foot is perfect. As the name suggests, you simply park one tyre over the drive on foot to keep the flag securely standing.

Indoor flag bases

For outdoor advertising flags:

Crossbases partnered with a weighted ring adds enough stability to allow your flags to be used outdoors. The weighted ring is water or sand fillable with a capacity of approximately 6 litres.

Is your outdoor event on soft ground outdoors? Ground spikes will securely anchor into soft ground in fields.

Other outdoor flag bases include: large water bases, water bases with feet and concrete bases.


  1. Decide the shape of flag you want to display. The artwork you want to use should help decide on the shape of flag that works best.
  2. Pick a suitable flag size that suits the environment you will be displaying the flag in. Don’t go too large if your event is indoors – will there be height restrictions? If outdoors, you may want to go for a large flag to easily attract attention.
  3. Match your flag to a suitable base. Once decided where your flag will be displayed, pick a suitable base that will keep you flag anchored to the ground all day long.

Still need help?

If you have any questions or require more information on our flags, please call one of our account managers today on 0808 149 4657.