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Display Board Buying Guide

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Finding your perfect display board

Display boards are a great choice for exhibitions and events where you need to potentially change your graphics or information on a regular basis.

What is a display board?

A display board is a rigid board covered in a loop nylon fabric where posters, graphics and other materials can be fastened to it using hook fasteners. This allows messages to be interchanged on a regular basis.

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Tabletop displays or freestanding boards?

Display boards are available as either tabletop displays or freestanding units. The difference is size!

Tabletop displays tend to be three boards across and no longer than the length of a table. They can stay upright without any supporting feet by angling in the two outer-most boards. This provides stability to the display. When placed on a table, the display reaches head height for ease of reading.

Freestanding display boards sit on the floor – with both supporting poles and bases to ‘float’ the display at a higher level, or with the display board starting at ground level.

Modular display boards

All of our panel displays are modular – meaning that they can be linked together to form a longer line of boards. This allows you to reconfigure the display as well as add individual components to grow the stand as and when needed.

Modular display stands are often used as a partitioning system to create a clear pathway which is great for poster display, or in a museum setting where you may want visitors to follow a set path.  Pole and panel display boards are often used in this situation and have the added flexibility of being able to be used either portrait or landscape.

Attaching graphics to your display

All display boards are covered in expoloop fabric. This allow notices and information to be attached, making your display content instantly interchangeable.

To attach heavier items, we’d suggest using our heavy duty display board – the Bigscreen which will not risk toppling over when a heavier item (such as props, jewellery etc) is attached.

We would suggest never using pins on display boards that do not have a cork backing. This is because inserting a pin creates a permanent hole in the display, which can reduce the lifespan of the display.

Colours available

We have 9 fabric colours available to choose from to compliment your branding or to create a neutral-looking display.

Features list for display boards

The following table lists the special features for our available display board kits to help you choose the display right for your needs.


  Tabletop Freestanding Weight Number of panels in kit:Bottom+Top Carry bag included
junior folding display board
 ✘  5.3 kgs  3  ✔
senior folding display board
 ✘ 6.5 kgs  3
6 frame folding display board kit
Folding 6 frame
 ✔  10 kgs  3+3
7 frame folding display board kit
Folding 7 frame
 ✔  13 kgs  4+3
8 frame folding display board kit
Folding 8 frame
 ✔  13.5 kgs  4+4
10 frame folding display board kit
Folding 10 frame
 ✔  15.5 kgs  6+4
aluminium 3 panel display board kit
Aluminium folding kit 3 panel
 ✘  6 kgs  3
aluminium 6 panel display board kit
Aluminium folding kit 6 panel
 ✔  12 kgs  3+3
lightweight 4 panel pole and panel kit
Lightweight pole and panel - 4 panel
 ✔  11 kgs 2+2
lightweight 6 panel pole and panel kit
Lightweight pole and panel - 6 panel
 ✔  16 kgs  3+3
lightweight 8 panel pole and panel kit
Lightweight pole and panel - 8 panel
 ✔  22 kgs  4+4
lightweight 10 panel pole and panel kit
Lightweight pole and panel - 10 panel
 ✔  27 kgs  5+5
Pole and Panel Display Board
Pole and panel display board x1
 ✔  18 kgs  1
pole and panel
 ✔  18 kgs  1
Multiscreen Kit
Multiscreen kits
 ✔  20 kgs  3+3

For more information, see the Marler Haley Display Board range. To discuss your requirements contact us or call 0808 149 4659.