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Modular exhibition stand buying guide

Thinking of buying a modular exhibition stand and don’t know where to start?

Don’t lose yourself in the complicated world of exhibition stands… Make sure you know the basics to start off on the right foot.

Read our comprehensive guide on everything modular exhibition stands below.

Exhibition stand buying guide

What is a modular stand?

Modular stands are displays that can be designed to be fitted together in a number of different combinations to create a complete exhibition stand.

They are the largest portable display you can purchase and are perfect if you are looking to elevate your presence to the ‘next level’. They can be supplied in a range of ‘off the shelf’ stands in certain shapes and heights, with graphics printed to your specific requirements.

Custom sizes and configurations can also be supplied.

There’s nothing we can’t do – so if you have a custom requirement, please call us on 0808 159 2181.

Different modular stands to choose from

Now you know what a modular stand is, it’s worth learning about the different types of modular stands there are to choose from.

- Linkable pop up systems

linking pop up stands

Linking pop up stands are pop up stands linked together with a linking or ‘ghost’ panel.

By linking more than one pop up stand together, you get ultimate flexibility in the shape of your display.

The layout can be adapted to suit larger or smaller events by scaling your stand to suit accordingly. You can even split a linked pop up stand into two or more smaller stands based on the number of frames the system is made up of. Remember, you will need extra end panels to complete the smaller stands when split down - but this is still considerably cheaper than buying a whole new stand.

Before purchasing a linked pop up stand, consider how you would like to use it in the future. This will help you find the right pop up display that can convert into the singular or joint systems to suit your events. It's always better to get the panels printed at the same time to ensure graphics and colours match perfectly.

Artwork is printed on PVC graphic panels that hang over the structure of the frame and secure into place with magnetic bars (that are fixed onto the frame). Kits come with wheeled cases for easy transportation and storage.

- Modulate™ displays

modulate displays

Very similar in concept to the linking pop up stand, Modulate displays use magnetic frames to connect multiple frames together.

This design also provides complete flexibility for your exhibiting needs.

Modulate displays allows you to add or remove structures from your display stand set up in seconds.

The graphics used are extremely lightweight as they are fabric in material – printed using a special dye sublimation process. This print process involves pressing the ink into the fabric for a high-quality look and feel. You can also machine wash and iron on cool settings.

Unlike pop ups, you will not need additional parts if you are downsizing the display or changing the layout. Modulate™ displays come with high quality carry bags.

- Fabric display stands

fabric display stands

A fabric display stand shares the same benefits as a Modulate display, just without the magnetic frames.

Fabric display stands are designed for smaller exhibition or retail areas. They can still be placed next to multiple structures to create larger backwalls.

Fabric displays are lightweight and portable – usually fitting into a wheeled carry case (supplied with kit deals) for easy transportation between events.

- Modular exhibition stands

modular exhibition stands

Modular exhibition stands offer a more semi-permanent display solution.

The aluminium framework takes a little more time to assemble, but they are still self-build stands.

With a thin framework structure, modular stands fit snugly within a shell scheme stand to take up minimal floor space.

The graphics are silicone edged to push-fit into the channels of the frame to create an impressive seamless display.

We would not recommend a marketing or sales team to set up a modular exhibition stand unless they have received training.

Are they self-build exhibition stands?

Due to their modularity, modular stands are relatively easy to assemble, and are designed to be ‘self-built’ and scalable.

If you are looking to build it yourself, always check whether the supplier is promoting that particular product as a ‘self-build’ exhibition stand.

The bigger and more complex the stand, the more likely it is that a build-team will be required to help you assemble it.

Training can be offered for larger, more complex modular self-build stands to provide you with the reassurance of assembly. It’s always worth checking this if your stand is larger to help make an informed decision.

For large, bespoke stands, see our exhibition stand builders.

How do you assemble a modular stand?

Our modular exhibition stands are assembled in different ways depending on the display:

- Linkable pop up systems – the frame is a lattice like structure which needs to be fully extended. Magnetic bars (which allow the graphic to attach to the frame) are then fixed onto the frame, followed finally by the PVC graphic panels.

- Modulate™ and fabric displays – frames consist of numbered aluminium tubes that connect together with ease. Once the structure is complete, the fabric graphic slides over the frame like a pillow case and zips closed for tension. For Modulate™ displays, frames can be connected together magnetically.

- Modular exhibition stands – uses an aluminium framework that fits together using a numbering system and an Allen key. Graphics have a silicone edge which push fit into the channels of the frame to create tension.

See the table below where we estimate the assembly time and people needed for building a modular stand for the first time:

Type of modular display Assembly time Recommended people Team
Linkable pop up systems 10 to 30 minutes 2 Non-trained members of exhibition team
Modulate displays 15 to 30 minutes 2 Non-trained members of exhibition team
Fabric displays 10 to 20 minutes 2 Non-trained members of exhibition team
Modular exhibition stands 30 to 45 minutes 2 or 3 Build team recommended

Are modular stands reusable?

Modular displays are completely reusable. If your graphics are still relevant, simply rebuild your stand in your new venue and it’s ready to use!

For stands that use fabric graphics: If the fabric gets dirty from spills or marks, you can machine wash and iron on cool settings without the risk of colours fading.

This is due to the high-quality print process that is used during manufacture, called dye-sublimation.

Alternatively, if you require new graphics, then these can be purchased separately – allowing you to reduce the cost of rebranding your display as you keep the framework.

Your old graphics can be recycled using our recycling scheme.

Another benefit of modular is you can build on it as your business grows. You could start out with a 3x2m stand one year, but for the next decide to go to a much larger 3x4m display. In this circumstance, you’d just need to purchase the additional structure and new graphics and away you go!

How big are modular displays?

Modular displays can be as big or small as you like – they are designed for reconfigurability.

From small 2x3m exhibition stand spaces to 10m backwalls, modular is a great choice if you’re looking to create a seamless graphic backwall.

Off the shelf packages feature stand sizes of 2x3m, 3x3m and 4x3m with backwalls, L-shaped stands and U-shaped stands.

Have we missed anything? Still confused about modular exhibition stands? Talk to an expert today on 0808 159 2181 for more information or custom requests.