Don’t panic: 3 last minute tips

Time is a precious resource and when it comes to event planning, there’s never enough of it. For some, this provides a buzz of anticipation that makes them thrive under pressure, but for others this can be a nail biting time fraught with trepidation.

3 tips for your next exhibition

The most important thing to remember if your event is round the corner is to keep calm. Here is our handy three point checklist to keep the panic at bay and keep you on-track for success.

1. Have a Dry Run

Before your exhibition, check that your displays are in good working order by putting them up. Not only will this be a good opportunity for you to refresh your mind as to how to assemble your display to make light work of it at the exhibition or event, but it’s also an opportunity to check that everything is as it should be.

This involves checking your display for wear and tear and for out of date messages. If your graphics have been stored away for a prolonged period, it can be hard to recall exactly what they look like. So it’s always better to find out that you need to update your graphics before the event, rather than on the grand reveal at the event itself.

If you need to replace your graphics in a hurry, remember our 24 hour turn around on banners and 48 hours on other graphic based products.

2. Prepare emergency stand kit

The secret to success (and for a happier exhibitor), is to go prepared! Not only does this mean checking that you have your displays sorted, but also means creating a last minute emergency stand kit. These are items that can save your exhibition stand in its time of need.

It’s always hard to anticipate what can go wrong but being prepared with spares, disaster kits and staff aids can save your bacon. A few must haves in your kit include: pens, business cards, sticky tape and plasters.

3. Team briefing

Holding a team briefing for your exhibiting staff is really important in order to focus everybody on the aims and objectives of the event. It also provides an opportunity to talk through transport arrangements, time that everybody should promptly arrive, expectations for behaviour on stand (no mobile phones for example) and where your stand is.

Follow these three simple steps before your event and you’ll be set to have a great panic-free exhibition!

For more tips on how to make sure you and your team are great exhibitors and follow best practice, see our naughty exhibitors caught in the act infographic.

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