3 benefits of putting staff up before an event

Is there any benefit on putting staff up before an event? We think so! It may increase your overall costs, but it could actually have a positive impact on your ROI. Here we look at 3 benefits of putting staff up before an event.

Benefits of Putting Up Staff

After months of planning and preparation, the big event is just around the corner. Some of your staff arrived the night before and others are travelling in on the morning… Despite leaving out an extra hour earlier than needed, they’re late to the briefing session and just make it to the venue before the doors officially open.

It doesn’t have to be like this though. And it isn’t always like this but, after months of hard work and preparation, is it really worth taking the risk?


With staff staying nearby the commute is significantly reduced. Not only can they get a good night’s sleep before the busy day ahead but they can also: set the space up in the evening, arrive early in the morning to add the final touches such as literature, iPads and freebies, and they might even spend this time testing the demonstration products and the digital catalogue.

If anything goes wrong your staff have time to find a solution.

It’s not just about your stand space though. Staff who arrive at the venue early can familiarise themselves with the location of the food hall and toilets. They can even check out their competitors and get to know their stand neighbours before the event begins. Having this extra time allows for research and networking before the first set of visitors make their way through the doors.

Last-minute briefings

Your staff should already be knowledgeable but it never hurts to discuss how to deal with different types of leads or answer mock questions one last time. These last-minute briefings are a great way to work on any weak spots with the support of the team.

Briefings before the event also provide the perfect opportunity to not only go over the event checklist, but to talk through both team and individual objectives, targets, and strategies.


Investing in a room might seem like an unnecessary expense at first but, it can be useful in contributing to a positive performance from staff when you consider the reduced travel time and those last-minute briefing sessions.

The staff you’ve chosen should already be enthusiastic and excited to be a part of the event. Putting them up is a way to help make the experience as stress-free as possible. Your staff are, after all, an extension of your brand and what it stands for. This is about doing all you can to ensure that you get the best possible performance out of them, which could lead to a successful result from the event.

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