Dos and Don’ts of the Great Outdoors

Outdoor events can be exciting when everything goes to plan. Follow our five top tips to make sure you have a successful event!
Preparing to Exhibit Outdoors

1. Do: Prepare for all weather conditions

British summertime means glorious sunshine mixed with torrential rain and hurricane-like wind conditions.

It’s important that your promotional stands can withstand the elements, so make sure they have weighted bases and are made out of a weather-proof fabric, otherwise they could be blown away, or start to fall apart.

2.  Don’t: Use an indoor strategy

Outdoor events need to have a tailored plan of action that isn’t the same as your indoor strategy. This is because the eye line of outdoor events can be a lot higher, as they’re more prone to crowding and other distractions.

This also means that there are tonnes of outdoor products you can take advantage of like flags, which draw in the eye from a longer distance and counters that can act as a ‘pop up shop’.

3. Do: Brand up!

Being seen at outdoor events is really important. For summer days, branded promotional items are a great way to let passersby know who you are.

4. Don’t: Get bored

We know that it’s hard to stay motivated when you’ve been stood on an exhibition stand for hours– especially toward the end of the day when there are less passersby. So, it’s important to keep your energy levels high and to keep warm!

If it’s quiet, keep your event staff busy with tasks, or prepare some tasks in advance for these times such as seeing what the other exhibitors and competitors are doing and offering.

5. Do: Take regular breaks

A big part of staying motivated is making sure that you’re not hungry, tired or cold. Having any of these factors against you could make you less productive as your mind won’t be set on your goal from the event.

To tackle this, make sure that you have a rota of people on the stand so that everybody can take regular breaks to grab a cup of tea, a sandwich or just a well earned sit down!


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