3 Environmentally Friendly Promotional Items for Direct Mail Campaigns

Planning a direct mail campaign that focuses on environmentally conscious products can sometimes be difficult.

Many of the traditional promotional items are made abroad with plastic which is highly detrimental to our planet.

To top it off, most promotional items are designed to be kept by the recipient… but they are often lost!

Below, we have selected 3 environmentally friendly promotional items that are perfect for direct mail campaigns.

1. Branded Seed Paper

Our first choice will always be branded seed paper. It has an impeccable environmental track record and is very versatile:

  • Printed in the UK
  • Uses water soluble vegetable and soy inks
  • Made from 100% recycled paper

   Did you know?

   Manufacturing one tonne of 100% recycled paper emits 38% less CO2* than paper produced from virgin fibres.

   Source: https://recycled-papers.co.uk/green-matters/why-use-recycled-papers/co2-and-greenhouse-gases/


The paper is embedded with the seed of your choice: including flowers, herbs and vegetables. All the recipient has to do is plant the paper, soak in water and let them grow. 

They are available in a variety of shapes and can be printed with your own designs single sided or double sided. If we don’t have the shape you want, custom shapes can be developed. 

If you like the thought of using seed paper, why not use a seed paper envelope too?

They are small and lightweight which helps to keep your postage costs low too. 

2. Instant Gardens

All in one promotional garden sets have everything you need to grow your own little garden! They include pots, a coconut husk tablet and seeds. As they are designed for indoor use they can be sent and planted any time of the year.

The instant garden is one of the best suited environmentally friendly promotional items. It has been designed specifically for this job.

The outer packaging can be fully branded and you can choose from a variety of organic seeds ranging from: flowers to culinary herbs or Aloe Vera and Christmas Trees.

   Did you know?

   Growing and being surrounded by plants is proven to improve mental health and positivity. So send a little bit of joy to your mailing list!

3. Upcycled Banner Graphics

To any environmentalist their mantra is often Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

We all try to reduce as it has the greatest environmental impact. Followed by reuse and lastly recycle.

So, before you consider recycling any of your banner stands, why not consider reusing them for a different purpose?

These promotional items are old banners stands, made by local upcyclers in the UK. To give an extra touch of relevance for your brand, recycle one of your old banners. The effect can be impressive.

They are lightweight so are ideal for a direct mail piece.

   Did you know?

   It is estimated that 1 million banner stands go to the landfill each year!

Fed up of a marketing cupboard full of old banner stands? Why not recycle them or upcycle them.

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