The Marler Haley Team

 Andrew Pocock Andrew Pocock
Andrew is our Sales and Marketing Director. Steering the ship, pushing the buttons and other ‘in charge’ metaphors, he keeps us all motivated and charged up to make Marler Haley the best display company ever!!
 Heather Findon Heather Findon
Looking after our team and customers in the South East, Heather is our Business Development Manager. Welcoming your feedback and comments, Heather loves to hear about our service and anything we can do to improve the Marler Haley experience. Her dog Rosie on the other hand welcomes any Bonio biscuits you may have.
 Janet Abbott Janet Abbott
No one puts Janet in the corner… that’s just where her desk is! She takes care of all our customers in the South West, Yorkshire, Humberside, Scotland and the North as well as the North West. With a scarily precise eye for detail, nothing gets past Janet, so your artwork and graphics are in safe hands.
 Gareth Shilton Gareth Shilton
Gareth looks after our London and export accounts and his product knowledge will help you get the best solution for your requirements. At the weekend he can often be found on the golf course and enjoys sipping a Jack Daniels or two (but not at the same time) although that might actually improve the golf.
Jordan Burns Jordan Burns
Jordan is our newest Regional Account Manager mainly covering customers in the Midlands, East Midlands and Wales. He’s a Newcastle fan but he won’t hold that against him. He also has a very impressive collection of cardigans.
 Laura Laura Simmons
What would we do without Laura?! She’s responsible for processing our customer orders, ensuring you get the right product at the right time. Partial to a sing-song, the office is rarely quiet and Laura even takes requests! Mine’s milk, one sugar please!

If you’d like to speak to one of us, please email us and we’ll call you straight back.