Marler Haley's History

At Marler Haley we pride ourselves in developing portable display systems that are easy to use, flexible and stylish.

Celebrating over 65 years of excellence, we deliver a wide range of quality products from roller banners to printed tablecloths supported by graphics produced at our in-house state of the art large format printing facility.

Where does the name Marler Haley come from?

During 1946 in a very austere, war torn Britain, Sid Marler and Jim Haley formed a partnership known as Marler Haley Displays.

From humble beginnings, Marler Haley has developed and expanded into a trusted worldwide supplier of portable display and exhibition stands...

Birth of modular displays

In 1952 Marler Haley produced the first modular display system. In 1960 an enquiry from Vauxhall Motors revealed a need for vertical surfaces to support graphics and the Multiscreen display board was created. Nearly 60 years on it is still a popular portable display system.

The company became aware of the universal need for simple systems which could be constructed and dismantled easily. A period of growth and development saw the introduction of new products setting the pace for for Marler Haley’s success in the portable display market.
Multiscreen display boards

Evolution of print

Since the birth of modular displays, portable graphic displays have grown in popularity.

With print production becoming faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly, it's now rare to see a shell scheme exhibition stand without some form of graphic taking centre stage.

This shifted Marler Haley from a modular display supplier to focusing on large format printing.
Schur exhibition stand

The future of print

As well as graphics now playing a central role in most displays, we are seeing a fundemental shift in customer demand toward fabric displays.

Fabric display stands are lightweight alternatives to traditional pop up stands and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The resulting displays allow for a new depth of print with wow-worthy designs and a full seamless graphic.

Our future

We're proud of our history and how far we've evolved as a business.

With large format printing now at the core of Marler Haley (although we still make amazing display boards too), we're excited about the direction we're heading and how we'll evolve in the coming years.

Phillips Screw Curved Fabric Display Stand

High quality printing at Marler Haley looks like this...