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Digital advertising signs

Did you know digital signange generates 400% more views than static signage?

Display dynamic and eye-catching content using digital signage. Combining the latest technology and stylish designs, digital displays are reaching new levels of advertising capabilities for businesses big and small.

Don’t miss out on the increasingly popular way to advertise your brand. Tell a story, inform, engage or interact with people using new and creative digital content. Explore the range below or get in touch with us today on 0800 072 7742 for more information.

What is digital signage?

Any advertisement that is digitally displayed on a screen can be considered as digital signage. Whether you have a video, image or media to advertise on screen, digital signs and displays are ideal for displaying digital content.

Common examples of digital signage in action:

  • Restaurant menu boards above counters
  • Displaying promotional offers and messages in retail stores
  • Brand and product advertising in shopping centres
  • Educational videos in museums and libraries
  • Visual or informative content in galleries and exhibitions
  • Self-serving menus or ordering systems
  • Information screens in receptions and medical facilities

Our digital display options include freestanding and wall mounted options. Be sure to check the product descriptions carefully to see which are freestanding or wall mounted.

If you require more information, please give us a call on 0800 072 7742 or use our live chat system during working hours.

Why digital?

So why go digital? There are plenty of benefits when it comes to using digital signage.

8 benefits of using digital signage

8 benefits of using digital signage

  1. Ability to advertise 24/7 with digital signage. Your digital advertisements can be on show all day, every day - and what's more, specific adverts can be shown at times that suits the advert best. 

  2. Freedom to display what you want, when you want. Reviews, client photos, your company twitter feed, restaurant menu, weather feed, fun facts, product demonstrations…  the list is endless.

  3. It’s super easy to replace content. There’s no print time to hold you back. Content can be uploaded and set live in seconds using just a memory stick.

  4. Replacing and updating content only costs you time, not money. If you’re creating the content in house, there’s no extra financial cost of updating content, just your time.

  5. Digital signage allows you to display educational and informative content effectively. With the freedom to display videos and more dynamic content compared to a static photo or image on a poster, you have the power to better educate consumers and visitors on your brand, product or service.

  6. There’s potential to generate money from third party advertisements on your display. If you’re planning on using digital signs in high traffic areas such as shopping centres, it’s likely to be a sought-after area to advertise in.

  7. Digital signage doesn’t have to be just visual. With added sound to your content, you’re appealing to one more of the five senses. Engaging with visitors by appealing to the five senses will result in a better chance of making a sale.

  8. The ability to use touch screens can enable customers to self serve and allow employees to use their time more effectively. This is already evident with popular retailers and food outlets. By reducing the level of staff involvement needed in situations digital signage can assist with, you're allowing for a more productive workforce.

With or without screens?

If you’re planning to use your own screen on a digital display, we have plenty of products to choose from that can be supplied without screens.

Equally, there are plenty of professional screen included options if you’re looking for a full display package.

It's important to note: the screen included options are professional Samsung screens designed for long periods of use in retail environments. If you're looking to use your own screen, do not use standard household televisions or screens - these are not designed for retail use. They will likely overheat and malfunction very quickly.

See which products comes with or without professional Samsung screens below:
Digital sign products Screen option available?
Digital A-Board Sign Yes
Digital Kiosk Included
Digital Totem Display Yes
Double Sided Digital Totem Display Yes
Slim Digital Totem Display Yes
46" Digital Screen Holder Yes
Angled Digital Screen Holder No
Wheeled Digital Screen Display Yes
Digital Wall Panel Yes
Digital Screen Holder - Floor to Ceiling Yes

Some screens can also have touch foil applied on request to allow for touch screen functionality. Logo branding and different colour options may also be available. For more touch screen options and information on these extras, please call us to find out more. For these add-ons, lead time may be increased.

How to upload content

Uploading content depends on the screen you use. Depending on the screen that is used, software will vary and so, the methods of inputting your digital content.

If using your own AV screen, please refer to its instructions or manual.

For our digital signs that come with screens – most feature USB or WiFi enabled connectivity. Please note, it’s important to refer to each product page individually for compatibility options.

To upload media, simply insert the USB flash drive with your content pre-loaded, it's as simple as that - just make sure your screen channel is set correctly to display this.

There's also the ability to display web pages, screen mirroring or playing media at certain times. Please refer to our how to play media easily guide for more information.

Important to know

Worried about overheating? Most signs we offer have self-cooling systems or internal fan cooling to keep your screens working in temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius.

As well as this, most display stands feature lockable cases for added protection. We highly recommend contacting us before purchasing a digital display - to check the compatibility of the screen, lead times and extra information.

For custom requests, turnaround times may take longer than standard lead times.

Usually, digital signs will take approximately 3 to 4 weeks from ordering to delivery - so please consider this time frame before purchasing.

Why choose Marler Haley for digital signage?

We’re specialists in displays, and our team have expert knowledge in the industry.

You'll have your very own dedicated account manager to help from queries and custom requests to delivery and assembly.

Have we missed something out? For more information or custom enquires on our digital range, please give us a call today on 0800 072 7742 or use our live chat system during working hours.