A Board’s Uses – Say goodbye to boring boards

A Boards and pavement signs are a very effective tool to catch the eye of a passer-by and they need to be able to do just that; they often sit in key locations and should be maximised because of this. We’ve taken a look at a couple of ways that people use A boards.

To shout over here

A well placed board can drive valuable customers your direction. We recommend the use of bold strong designs showing exactly who you are, whether this be your brand if recognisable, if not then descriptive imagery and plain simple text; its key to keep things uncomplicated and interesting to the passer-by. You need to instantly gain their interest whether it be jogging their memory of who you are and where you are or create intrigue and interest for a potentially new customer.

Special offers

Your boards are an effective way to show any special offers you’re currently running; it can quickly and visually represent any deals you want to shout about. It’s a great way to get a customer interested, everyone loves a special offer so utilise this with easy to understand graphics which will punch home your deal, grabbing their attention instantly.

Things of interest

New products, new lines, upcoming events, anything that might create interest to the user about your company its products or services. A teaser of a new product or upcoming event will always create great interest from the viewer.

Location, Location, Location

Think carefully about where your board will be placed when positioning it and more important designing it. Is there any nearby seats or coffee/ food shops this could allow more information to be portrayed to the viewer? Is it a thorough through or are people tending to pass by slowly? Get out there if you can walk past where your board is likely to be and get an understanding of how the average customer will see what you are trying to portray, then correctly design your board with this in mind.

Important Things to Know

Getting your spelling wrong may lead to awkward situations or could maybe just be a handy talking point!

Promotional Flags – Flying the Flag for Charities

LONDON MARATHONFlags are capable of providing a wealth of messages and meanings, whether that be a country flying their colours, the earliest form of communication, giving visual instructions or even providing brand recognition!

With the London Marathon a stone’s throw away on 22nd April, we’ll take a look at how flags can be used at outdoor charity events like the marathon and the benefits they can offer.

Line the Street

Every charity is aware of the importance of event promotion to gain that much needed brand awareness, which will only help raise those needed funds. At events like the London Marathon, there’s barely a stretch visible that doesn’t have some sort of promotional flag or material to help make passer-bys aware of their presence.


A flag might be a pleasant distraction for those runners whose sole focus will be on placing one foot in front of the other. With events like the London Marathon capturing such large media attention, getting your charity noticed is key.

Highlight your location

Another reason why flags can be a superb choice for events like marathons, are their capability of drawing runners to a focal point. They’re able to highlight meeting and refreshment areas, directing runners to a well-deserved massage and drinks. As flags are available up to 6m tall they can been seen through busy crowds.

What options are available?

As we have already said, flags are an ideal choice for any outdoor event such as a marathon or other charity race or promotion. They’re capable of being mounted to:-
• lampposts
• free standing on a variety of surfaces
• attached to existing structures

Different Shapes and Sizes

Flags are available in 3 shapes; teardrop, feather and sail (rectangular). The choice of flag shape is dependant upon your requirements as a brand and what message you want to communicate.


Teardrop flag


Feather flag


Sail Flag













Does a teardrop fit better with your logo or do you need the additional space that a sail flag can offer.

Our teardrop tall flags are the biggest outdoor flag in our range (up to 6m tall) allowing greater visibility from greater distances. Our freedom feather flags make excellent marker points with their large graphic display area, great for grabbing the attention of a fast-moving audience.

Good luck

For all those taking part, good luck, we salute you all! We hope it’s a successful one for all charities involved.

Now get flying your flag in this summers many exciting charity events!

Starting to plan for exhibition season

As we are in the midst of preparing to exhibit at the Elite Business Event next week, I’ve got a few tips to help you choose the right exhibition, equipment and messages to display to help drive sales and awareness:

How to choose the right exhibition

Deciding which exhibition is right for your business can seem like a daunting task, but it’s important to make sure that you carefully research the exhibition before making any decisions. Consider the demographic of people that will be attending and whether that matches your typical customer that you want to engage with. If it does, then the exhibition may make it to your shortlist of ‘potential’ exhibitions to attend.

Once you have a shortlist, consider the total cost of exhibiting at that event – including costs that you may not otherwise consider at this stage including budget for travel and exhibition equipment.

Use this figure to work out how much you would need to take to break even from attending the event. If this is an unachievable amount, then it may not be the right event for you to gain a good return on investment.

What exhibition stand equipment do I need?

3x2 corner modular exhibition stand L shaped

Once you know where you are going to exhibit, your next step will be to choose what exhibiting equipment you need to take with you. This will largely be determined by the stand space you have available and of course your budget!

If you have a low budget and a small stand space, then items such as a printed branded tablecloth and a banner stand are a great start to exhibiting, allowing you to display your items or talk to potential customers on a professional looking stand.

On the other side of the spectrum are larger, 3mx4m exhibition stand spaces which will need considerably more branded displays. This could include a complete modular kit, shell scheme graphics and pop up stands to create a printed backwall.

Accessories that can also aid sales and compliment your chosen display include literature stands and counters that can be used for any size of stand.

How to design your stand

When designing your exhibition stand, it’s important to consider what information is important to tell passersby to drive them to your stand. I’d always advise to keep your messages short and simple – less text is often more impactful when it comes to getting people’s attention. With displays, your aim should be to get their attention to drive them to your stand – it’s then your job to convert them to leads and sales.

Focus on your unique selling points to tell people why they should stop and talk to you and make sure that your logo can be seen from afar for brand awareness.

Fabric Displays, are they the Future?

Pop up stands have been King in the world of portable exhibitions for many, many years, but they may just have met their match.

Their rival is the potentially game changing fabric display stand. But are they all that people make them out to be?

Here, we take a look at the vital statistics around equivalent sized displays in both category to help you make your mind up as to which is better suited to your needs.

Pop up stands versus fabric displays


When you’re contemplating a journey through a crowded city street or underground toward your exhibition or conference, the last thing you’ll want to be dragging behind you is a 30kg pop up stand.

Fabric displays are much lighter as the framework is made of lightweight aluminium poles and weighs in at only 9kg. It’s also ever so slightly bigger than the 3×3 pop up, giving you an even bigger display for a third of the weight.


A big perk for us about fabric displays is that they are machine washable. Although you can technically wipe a graphic pop up with a sponge, it won’t always be able to remove all the marks that come with general wear and tear. You may not be able to get a big zip up stand comfortably into a standard sized washing machine but you can at the very least use industrial sized washing machines, or wash by hand if soiled.

The design won’t even fade or crack with washing as we print through the fabric using a heat-transfer technique rather than printing on-top of it.

Easy assembly

Although assembling a pop up is simple with practice, it can be a bit fiddly to align the graphic panels if you’ve not done this before. With fabric stands, as the graphic is printed onto one piece of fabric, you simply pull the fabric over the structure like a giant pillow case and create tension with a zip.

Hidden structure allowing a 360° display

As the fabric pulls over the structure all of the inner workings, or skeleton of the stand, are concealed within. This means that the back of your stand can look as attractive as the front! This allows you to have greater flexibility in where you use your stand and for some options even allows you to print a design, or colour on the back of the display.


With the above benefits in mind, it’s no surprise that fabric displays are a bit more expensive as compared to pop up stands but they are still on the affordable scale.


In our eyes, both of these stands are winners, pop up displays will remain a staple ingredient on exhibition floors due to their cost-effectiveness, but it’s clear that the new boy in town, the fabric display is here to stay and comes with a great range of benefits that can help exhibitors to make more out of their exhibiting experiences.

Our Survey Says….

For most people, The New Year starts off with people seeing the fireworks on TV, going out with friends and family or just going to sleep. For a few days, January is seen as a time of reflection on what was achieved from last year, lessons learnt and how we can improve this year.

As we are still in the first month, we want to reflect and tell you about our top 5 new products of 2014 that we reflected on and think will be big in 2015.

1. Modular Displays – This uses easy to assemble fabric walls, great for where space is at a premium. These products are a great step up from the standard pop and banner display equipment.

2. Lightweight Fabric Display – Seen by companies as an alternative to pop up displays. Using aluminium tubes that are connected to simple snap in buttons, it means you don’t need to use any tools to assemble it. Simples! The fabric graph fits over the stand just like a pillow case. Light by name and light by nature it’s easy to carry.

3. Snap frame – Oh snap! These are great to attach simple messages that you could change easily by unclipping the frame, so you could tell visitors when that all important next talk was about to start to demonstrating your menus. These come as freestanding or wall displays. It’s no wonder why restaurants, retail stores, hotels and theatres went for this.

4. Floor Graphics – Custom made to your needs, we can make almost anything. We’ve had clients who wanted us to make a Pizza graphic on the floor to confuse visitors. The look was more than just buy one get one free! But don’t worry, they are easy to remove and come with a non slip and anti scruff over laminate. We recommend these only for hard surfaces.

5. PVC Banner – This wasn’t about the banner more about the artwork creator where customers can design their own banners free of charge. Easily attached to rails, fences and buildings; they can to be used indoors too. We can make these big enough to be 3 metres tall so you can use this as a great backdrop in your exhibition or as a showpiece in your reception area. These are also weather resistant so you don’t need to worry about your banners being ruined in typical English weather.

What new products do you think worked for you last year? Share your views on our Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. We may even write a blog about it soon!

Top blogs of 2014

As we reflect on what a great year 2014 was, we’d like to share our top 5 moments from our blog last year as we think they’re still great!!

1. Naughty exhibitors caught in the act

One of our most popular blog posts ever came from our infographic on naughty exhibitors! With our findings controversially showing that over 60% of exhibitors are naughty and don’t adhere to best practice, this article and infographic image helps future exhibitors to learn from their mistakes and make sure they are following best practice.

Read more 

2. Make your exhibiting strategy a hit

We all know that exhibiting can provide a great ROI as well as having far reaching benefits of increasing brand awareness for future purchases. But in this blog we show you how you can make sure your exhibiting strategy is a hit and not a flop, taking inspiration from some well-known tunes.

Read more

3. Ready Freddie Go wins Marler Haley’s charity competition 2014

Our charity competition is always a highlight in our calendar as we love to see the winning charity walk away with some new snazzy displays. With 65% of the vote, in 2014 Ready Freddie Go stole voters’ hearts and won £346 worth of display equipment to help raise awareness of the important work they do. We’re looking forward to launching this year’s competition later this year!

Read more

4. Finding the right banner stand for your needs

We know that deciding what banner stand can sometimes feel like a hard decision with so many choices and price points to choose from. So this article set out to take the hardship out of choosing a banner and makes it easy to choose one that will suit your needs to gain a great ROI.

Read more

5. Prepare your zombie apocalypse exhibition plan

With our fun interactive quiz, this zombie themed post asked exhibitors a few simple questions to find out how long you’d survive on an exhibition floor if it were ridden with zombies. With a few top tips to follow up the quiz, this blog was a sure hit for some top advice as well as a bit of Halloween fun.

Read more


Find the star banner on our website, win £50 Amazon vouchers!

Genesis banner stand with blue star Until 28 February 2015, find our star banner hidden on our website to be in with a chance of winning £50 Amazon vouchers*.

We have launched this prize draw to celebrate the launch of our new website!

Simply search through our website and once you find the star banner, which looks like the one pictured, click on it to enter your details into our prize draw. As a starter for 10 – it’s not on this blog!

The winner will be drawn on 2 March 2015.

Good luck!

*Terms and Conditions

1. The competition is open to UK residents only. Entries will be accepted until 28 February 2015. Entrants received after this date will not count towards the prize draw.

2. There is one prize of £50 Amazon vouchers. No cash alternative is available.

3. Entrants must provide a valid phone number, company name and email address to be considered.

3. A winner will be chosen at random via our Prize Draw entries on 2 March 2015 and contacted via phone, or email shortly thereafter. If the potential winner cannot be contacted within 10 days of first trying, then a new winner will receive the prize.

4. No entry fee or purchase is required to take part in this competition.

5. Taking part in the competition means you accept the terms of these rules and agree to be bound by them. If you do not comply, we may disqualify you from the prize draw.

4. In taking part, entrants agree to comply with and be bound by the decisions of Marler Haley, which shall be final and binding in all respects, including interpretation of these rules and choosing the winner.

15. As a condition of entry, the winner must consent to have their name and that of their organisation, plus their winning entry, published by Marler Haley for trade, advertising, marketing, promotional activity and/or any other purpose in media either now or in the future – without any compensation, consideration, permission or notification except where prohibited by law.

16. No correspondence will be entered into regarding either this promotion or the official prize draw rules. In the event of any dispute, Marler Haley’s decision shall be final.

17. Marler Haley reserves the right to amend, modify, cancel or withdraw this prize draw at any time without warning.

18. These terms and conditions are in addition to the terms and conditions found on the Marler Haley website.

Exhibitor trends in 2015

Back to the future on FlickrAlthough I am yet to own a pair of self-tying shoelaces and I am not wearing an abundance of silver as predicted in the future year of 2015 in ‘Back to the Future Part II’, there are many advances that we can see coming for exhibitors that are set to become a reality this year. Here take a look at three things that can help you to stay on-trend and can help your business excel on the exhibition floor this year:

1. Fabric is the new black

2015 is the year of the fabric graphic and I think it’s here to stay. Having recently boomed in popularity in America, the Mexican wave of popularity is now starting to be seen with an increase in demand in the UK.

What makes a fabric graphic so different from what people would see as a ‘traditional’ display, is that standard displays are printed onto semi rigid panels that are cut to size to create banners, or can be matched side-by-side and fitted to a frame to create the illusion of a seamless background, with pop ups being one of the most common display units. Larger exhibition backwalls and shell scheme graphics can also be produced.

Fabric graphics on the other hand are created using one piece of fabric which is printed on and pulled taught over a frame to create different shaped exhibition stands. This allows fabric exhibition stands to become a versatile choice as they are lighter and easier to assemble than their pop up friends and really do create a seamless backdrop.  The fabric is also much easier to care for than standard, keeping it looking great for much longer.

The ability to create unique shaped stands that take up less floor space also allows exhibitors to go the extra mile with the ergonomics of their stand, with more space available to engage with visitors.

Watch this space as we increase our range of fabric graphics in 2015!

2. Continued integration of digital

With many homes now imbedding digital elements into their hearts with smart central heating systems that can be controlled remotely and most households – and indeed people – having multiple electronic devices, I don’t think anyone can doubt that we are in a digital era. Industry figures even tell us that the use of mobile and tablet devices attribute to over half the website visits seen for eCommerce websites (EQ3 2014 by Monetate).

For the exhibition industry, this continual rise in the use of smartphones (soon to be called ‘phones’?) and tablets and their integration into our everyday lives means an increase in expectation to use some form of digital element on-stand. Far from costing the earth, it’s becoming increasingly easy to do this on a budget using iPad stands to show your visitors your website, to build trust as well as to help with data inputting.

Although trusty paper copies of lead generation forms are still used in many exhibition halls, this year should also see a rise in electronically generated forms being used. Not only does this save you from the tedious job of inputting post-show and deciphering cryptic handwriting, but it also allows a speedier response post-show.

See more ways you can integrate digital on-stand without breaking the bank in this blog from 2014.

3. Millennials boom

Millennials are people who were born in the early 1980’s up to the early 2000s and will be of increased focus as an important target audience this year. As more millennials work their way up the corporate ladder, they are influential decision makers that many have predicted to boom this year.

As a distinctive audience, millennials come with their own challenges for engagement at exhibitions. They are often referred to as having an expectation of wanting a ‘when-I-want-it-where-I-want-it experience’.

For exhibitors, this means engaging with them fast and preferably, digitally. If you’re using digital engagement on-stand, whether that’s a game, or as a lead generation tool, then think about ways that you can follow this up quickly to keep them engaged and hopefully convert. This could include an automated ‘thank you for visiting’ us email, or even providing an opportunity to engage with your brand on a more personal level while they’re on-stand– such as liking and commenting your page on Facebook.

Just don’t bombard this group with paper information, as the chances are it’ll end up in the recycling bin!

Photo credit: AdamL212 Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine on Flickr (CC2.0)





Top 5 Products of 2014

It’s the New Year and we are in the middle of stock take, so we thought it would be a good time to take a look at the top selling products of 2014.

Best Seller

At the top of our list, with no surprises here, is the Genesis Roller Banner Stand. This banner stand has been a long standing favourite for our customers – with over 100 reviews and an average rating of 5 stars – who could argue with that?

“Really impressed – good quality banner and arrived quickly. Great account management and very helpful staff who delivered what had promised and always got back with info.”

Gemma Hayhurst 13/08/14

It’s easy to see why this banner stand is such a hit with our customers. This is our economy level banner stand but does not compromise on quality. Genesis comes with 2 twist-out stabilising feet, a carry bag and as standard, high-quality printed graphics. In addition to its great price it’s part of our free banner design service where you can design your own banner from a range of predesigned templates quickly and easily.

Zipping to the top of our chart

The Zip up lightweight fabric pop up display was new to the Marler Haley product range in 2014, it was introduced after a trip to the US where exhibitors are going crazy for fabric displays.

The printed fabric graphic is in the shape of a pillow case that slips neatly over the frame, giving you a seamless graphic finish.

It is quick to assemble, lightweight and includes a free carry bag.

“We have used Marler Haley for a few years mainly for pull up stands. We have now started doing a lot of small trade shows so we needed something bigger. The fabric display was perfect. When it arrived we did a test run putting it up and we could not believe how easy it was to do. All the connectors were marked so it was fool proof, I would recommend that this is put up by 2 people. Once up you can move it in to place easily as it is very light. It all packs up into the supplied bag. The bonus is when you want to change the graphic you just need to order a new one. Fantastic item would use again.”

Mark Crisp 02/04/14

Standing alone or as part of a team

Cherries Counter 500Counters are versatile pieces of display equipment as they can be used as part of an overall display or as a stand-alone item.

This year we have seen a move towards the Counter and Computer work station 500, this counter can be fully personalised with a graphic wrap around the front of the counter with a choice of laminate counter tops.

Despite its permanent appearance this counter is easy to assemble without the need of tools and can support up to 90kg of weight.

It’s all in the finish

Towan white printed branded tableclothA number of our clients attend fayres or events where they need to display their products or collect data at a table. Usually a table that has been hired from the event or a folding table brought with them. Although practical tables aren’t usually the prettiest things.

The ideal way to finish off your stand is with a printed branded tablecloth, it hides a multitude of sins and pulls your display together nicely. That is why, although not a big item, the humble branded tablecloth is in our top 5 products for 2014.

Here you can see that Towan have used a plain white tablecloth with their logo printed on it. You also have the option of colour matching the background to suit your brand.

Timelessly pop-up-ular

Pop up displays have always been popular as we have seen from the success of the new Zip up fabric display, but the classic Veloce pop up display stand is still a customer favourite and the reasons are simple.

The Veloce is quick and easy to put together and can be done by one person. The complete stand kit comes with its own wheeled case which converts to a display counter with a wraparound graphic and laminated top which give the Veloce pop up display kit that special edge.

“The display is very effective. The way it packs away for transport is simple. The build quality exceeded expectation. Money well spent.”  

Roy Holden 05/02/14

Selection box top tips to help your 2015 exhibiting plan

As Christmas lurks around the corner we know that many businesses are already thinking about what lies ahead for 2015.

As it’s nearly Christmas, here’s a selection box of articles, new products and guides to help kick-start your exhibiting strategy next year to help reach your aims.

Oh and to lend an extra helping hand, we’re also giving everybody 10% off orders placed by phone until 30 January 2015 when quoting this offer (Ts and Cs apply).

From all of us at Marler Haley, we hope you have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Christmas baubels red glitter 1. Setting objectives for exhibitions

Success can mean many things to many different people, but it’s important to make sure that you know what success means for your business and how you are going to measure it before the event has begun. Find out how to set your exhibiting objectives: Read more.

2. Benefits of incorporating digital at an event for your business

Adding digital engagement to your stand doesn’t have to be all about games and expensive integration. There are affordable means of incorporating digital onto your stand and using it to assist your sales goals. Here, we talk about three common problems that are faced by exhibitors, along with how these can be resolved by integrating digital elements on stand: Read more.

3. How to choose the right Banner stand for your needs

With different looking bases, standard and wide sizes and graphic options, it’s no wonder that sourcing the right banner stand can be hard. This handy guide will help you hack the world of buying a banner stand with helpful checklists along the way to help you make an informed decision: Read more.

Modular exhibition stand4. Ready for the next exhibiting leap

If you’re looking for the next step up from pop up displays, then you could consider our new self-built modular displays. Not only do they provide you with more floor space on your exhibition stand to invite visitors in, but the stand can be fully customised with your printed graphics to provide a neat back wall for your exhibition.

Combine with a counter and your sales team and hey-presto, you could be ready to exhibit!

These ‘off-the-shelf’ kits cover exhibition stand spaces from 2×3 to 4×3 metres wide. With one sided, two sided and three sided options available to account for different exhibition stand locations, they can either be freestanding or fit within a shell scheme. Find out more about these modular exhibition systems or call us today on 0808 149 4667 to order.

How marketing displays can help your restaurant thrive

As a restaurant owner, if you’ve already developed a great menu with fantastic food and are getting people in the door, then now is the time to think about how to continue to promote your restaurant to entice passers-by to stop and take notice as well as to encourage repeat diners through marketing.

Your food may speak for itself, but it never hurts to help sway their decision with a few prompts to propel your revenue.

Diner pictureEntice people in

First, let’s take a step outside your premise. Have you got your great looking menu on show outside? If not, think about how you can display it in a professional way to capture attention. Showing your menu in an easily accessible place outside is a great way of breaking the ice with a potential customer who may be in a research phase to decide whether or not to come in – chances are, if your menu looks great then they’ll then take that next step and become a diner.

If your menu changes seasonally, or on a regular basis, then we’d recommend using a waterproof outdoor menu display case – these can be lit and can neatly and safely present your menu in all weather conditions. They can then be opened to change your menu as often as you need to with ease.

If you have railings or wall space available to use, you could also use outdoor PVC banners to display seasonal messages to encourage bookings.

Encourage repeat diners

There are a number of ways you can encourage repeat diners, from hosting special themed evenings to Christmas parties and celebrations. The real trick is making sure that your diners know about these opportunities. As diners have plenty of time to take in their surroundings in your restaurant, you can use this to your advantage. It’s a perfect opportunity to make sure that your customers can find out about other opportunities they can have to dine with you. Just be careful not to inundate them with signs and displays!

We’d recommend using banner stands to advertise your main messages such as Christmas party bookings, Mother’s day celebrations and other special events that your customers can choose to share with you. These are often make or break opportunities for many restaurants, so make sure you can entice them back. Make the most out of a small selection of displays by strategically placing them in your restaurant to make sure they can be noticed by lots of people without getting in anybody’s way.

To reinforce these messages, you could also use wall mounted snap frames in toilet cubicles where you have the diner’s undivided attention with your posters. Replacing posters is really simple by snapping the front loading frame open and inserting a new poster!

Photo credit: dfbphotos diner saunton va2-1_2_3_4_5Enhancer on Flickr. CC2.0

How to make a bang at exhibitions

The exhibition space is very much like the sky on fireworks night – crowded with bright sparks all vying for attention. So how do you avoid looking like a damp sparkler and make a bang at exhibitions?


Put on a good show

It’s not always the biggest and brashest fireworks that get all the ‘ohhs’ and ‘ahhs’ from the audience, there’s also clever little rockets that give an extra flurry right at the end. So while exhibiting can be an expensive business, don’t think that you’re out of the game just because you don’t have a budget to match big competitors. Think creatively about where to position yourself on the exhibition floor, where you’ll sit in relation to footfall and competitors, and how you can attract people to your stand. Lots of exhibitors use giveaway tricks and competitions to draw people in, so think about how you can do this without breaking the bank, whilst promoting your brand at the same time.

Sync to the music

We love a bit of music as the backdrop to a fireworks display, but when it’s an out of sync ‘80s rock ballad it can do more harm than good. We’re not suggesting you blast out a soundtrack on your exhibitions stand, but rather plan, practice and refine your approach. Exhibition marketing is a complex, multifaceted affair which requires a huge amount of planning prior to the event, with everything coming together for one key, non-negotiable date. Set one person as the project owner and work to a critical path to make sure that all elements are synced to deliver on time and to budget. The logistics alone are a huge job for the set up and break down of an event, so you might want to think about outsourcing this.

Live up to your name

There’s nothing worse than buying the ‘atomic blaster’ rocket only to find it barely gets lift off. And the same can be said for stands at exhibitions. Make sure your branding reflects the services you’re providing, so that any footfall you do attract is relevant and hopefully converts. Take time and attention and use professionals to create backdrops, AV, giveaway literature and general stand furnishing. Include your logo, strap line and if you’re at an event to promote a new product make sure that this is championed through branding on the stand.

Make some noise

Fireworks night is not just about the pretty colours in the sky, it’s about the big bangs as well. It’s all very well having a beautiful display stand but if nobody knows you’re at the exhibition then what’s the point? Set up a communications strategy for how you’ll promote yourself before, during and after the event. Use email to speak to existing customers and social and PR to speak to potential customers. Keep track on social during the exhibition to pick up on event conversations and make sure you follow up after the event to capitalise on PR and chase conversions on new contacts.

Be the main attraction

There’s hot dogs, the bonfire, candy floss, sparklers, toffee apples, the burning of the Guy, but at the end of the day the main attraction is always the fireworks display. On the exhibition floor you’ll be one stand among a whole of host of other businesses, some of whom will be competitors. As well good branding, an eye catching exhibition stand and clever PR, another way to boost your profile is to be the main attraction. If you think you’ve got some real insight into your industry and feel able to present an informative – rather than sales heavy – seminar or keynote speech then this is a great way to capture the undivided attention of the audience, build awareness of your brand, and drive footfall to your business.

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