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What better way to get 2017 off to a great start than by thinking about your brand new displays. We’re offering everybody 10% off every purchase made by using the code POP10.

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What you missed in 2016

A year can go by pretty quickly in the event and exhibition industry and it can be easy to forget all of the great things that have happened. Here, I’ve summarised some of the great products we’ve introduced that you might have missed in 2016:

New products in 2016

Ipad stands

One of my favourite products to be introduced this year combines four types of display in one. As a hybrid between a plinth, a literature holder a sign and an iPad holder, our iPad Display Stand 1 has everything.

In an era where engagement is the biggest buzz word at exhibitions, providing a place to securely mount your iPads to show off your website, show a product demonstration or portfolio in such a small space provides a great sales tool. It means that bigger products can be left at home to allow you to focus on one clear message. If somebody wants to find out about your other products then having an iPad on-stand allows you to show them more information.

What makes our new range of iPad stands great is that they have an internal charging cables to make sure that your iPad stays fully charged for the whole event without leaving any dangling cables. There are lots of options to choose from including a plinth display and up to four iPads in one kiosk-style display.

Banner stand literature bundle

When you’re just starting out with exhibiting, you’ll often need to use both large format displays as well as printed literature. We know that it can be a pain to make sure that you have the same look and feel across your displays. Well in 2016, we introduced our new printed bundles to help refine this process and make your life a little simpler.

The benefit of choosing a literature bundle with your display is that your design can be matched which can help people to recall who you are after the event as it will match your display. It also means that you’ve only got one supplier rather than two!

If you need to add printed literature, just speak to us when ordering.

Promotional items

In 2016, we completely overhauled our range of promotional items. When exhibiting, promotional products are great to help brand recall and to provide a small gift from your company to thank them for visiting your stand. From popular ballpoint pens to tote bags, you can now add branded merchandise to your order to keep things simpler with one supplier.

They’re also great to use to sell if you’re raising funds for a charity.

Chalkboard signs

In recent years, Pinterest friendly chalkboard designs and special writing has become in vogue. Many retailers and restaurants with a vintage or rustic feel are opting to use chalkboards instead of print to attract customers outside. If you can create a pithy sign that’s beautiful, you also stand a chance of a customer sharing it on social media to increase your brand awareness and make the leap from physical to digital.

We’ve expanded our range of pavement sign chalkboards to include an interchangeable chalkboard where the sign can be removed to make it easier to write on the display. As you can switch the boards around it’s also great if you have changing offers on different days as you can swap your display by flipping it around, leaving your hidden display for another day.

We’ve also introduced a brand new range of tabletop chalkboards which are great for restaurants and bars to act as table signs or as special menus.

18 Cheeky Elf on the Shelf ideas for the Office

With Elf on the Shelf being adopted in the UK, it was only a matter of time before their cheeky antics hit the office.

The idea behind Elf on the shelf is that an elf toy is hidden every day in a new position to show that they’ve been up to mischief, or have been spreading Christmas cheer while you’ve been sleeping.

From an office point of view, it’s a good opportunity to spread some festivity and to engage with employees. It’s a bit of fun in the office and helps to bring teams together while making people smile.

For every work day in the run up to Christmas, our elf – Eve, helped to spread Christmas cheer. Here’s what she got up to:

1. Pulling a cracker

Nothing spreads Christmas cheer like our Elf pulling a cracker in the office… which just so happened to be sent out to some of our frequent clients as a Christmas gift!

Elf with cracker

2. Sticker on a mouse

Did you know that if you put a sticker on the bottom of a mouse (obviously not the ball ones) that it stops working? It’s a great cheeky little prank to pull in the office and takes minimal effort.

Elf sticker on mouse

3. Working hard

Elves have to write their Christmas lists too you know, so Eve took a seat at someone’s desk to start writing hers.

Elf keyboard

4. Designing a banner

We design and make pull up banners at Marler Haley, so we decided to let her loose with designing her own using our artwork creator tool.

Elf banner design

5. Wrapping a gift

Our elf didn’t just cause mischief in the office, she also wrapped an outgoing parcel for a customer. We even said that if they sent us a photo of their wrapped parcel that they’d get it for free!

elf wrapping paper

6. Hanging around

Eve the elf loves to climb and she was found one morning hanging off of one of our banners. She was most likely trying to take it down!

elf hanging from banner

7. Oh No! My chair has no air!

There’s nothing more delicate in an office as the height of somebody’s chair. It takes weeks to perfect and an instant Goldilocks moment of ‘Someone’s been tampering with my chair’ when you notice it’s not quite right. Well, Eve thought she’d get up to a bit of mischief by making the chairs more suitable for her height.

elf amending height on chair

8. A message from Santa

Our mischievous elf sent a video, courtesy of PNP to people to tell them if they were on the naughty or nice list this year. It raised a few smiles and is a great free tool as you can add your own images to personalise.


9. Snowflake invoices

Crafting is an elf’s best friend. Eve decided to cut up a few invoices lying around the office into snowflakes… Luckily she found a few fake ones to scare the accounts team into thinking she’d done something really naughty!

elf snowflake

10. Jelly stapler

A timeless classic, putting a stapler in jelly is the perfect mischievous prank. Be warned, nothing escapes the jelly!

elf jelly

11. Snowball fight!

With a few stress balls lying around the office, Eve decided to have a snowball fight!

Elf snowball fight

12. Just in time

Is that really the time? The clock was changed to Lapland time (she carefully explained that she would have changed it to North Pole time but as it’s at the pole, they don’t adhere to one time).

Elf Time

13. Crayons for the day…

One day she replaced someone’s pens with crayons, after all, it’s much more fun to colour for the day than work right?

Elf crayons

14. Photocopier

Thinking it was a sunbed, Eve decided to catch some rays in the office photocopier.

Elf photocopy

15. Post it noted screen

The only way to spread Christmas cheer is to shout it loud for all to hear. Or, in Eve’s case, to write it on a computer screen covered in post it notes.

Elf screen postits

16. In a tangle

Eve loved listening to all of the phone calls we’ve had in December and was found in a tangle.

Elf phone

17. Fashion-a-bubble

Wearing the latest trends, Eve strutted around the office in her new outfit made of bubble wrap.

Elf bubblewrap

18. Leaving do

It would have been wrong to have had Eve spend so much time with us without hosting a leaving ceremony – a staple ingredient in any office environment. As a parting gift, she was given a candy cane and a white chocolate mouse.


Elf leaving ceremony 18 Cheeky Elf Ideas for the Office

3 ways brands engaged with bloggers at Blog On 2016

Just three months until Christmas and bloggers from around the country came together at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry for a blogging conference called Blog On.

Dressed in festive jumpers, t-shirts, antlers and a few santa-outfits, the theme for this conference was clear: Christmas.

With Christmas being the busiest season for brands that sell toys, festive treats, party supplies and more it’s an important time to engage with bloggers to increase brand awareness.

Here are three ways that brands engaged with bloggers – to get them talking about them during this busy season – with their exhibition stands at the event: (more…)

Charity Competition Voting 2016

Vote nowThe time has come to cast your vote to decide which charity will win £300 Marler Haley displays.

Voting closes at 12pm on Friday 7th October 2016. The voting form can be found at the bottom of this page.

We’d firstly like to thank every charity that submitted a competition entry – we’re always amazed at the response we receive and every year the entries become more creative and engaging. This year we’ve been especially impressed by video submissions. Of course with so many submissions, it’s hard to select just three finalists, but we’re always happy to help charity’s do more. In fact we’ve now launched a free banner offer for charities.

It’s now over to you, to decide who will win from our three finalists: (more…)

10 ways marketers can do more for less

How to do more for lessAs marketers, we’re sometimes tasked with what seems like the impossible.

We’re asked things like: “I want you to do more, with less budget!”

“Impossible!” We might think. “I can’t do it.”

But is it really impossible? Probably not.

Whether the ‘less’ refers to money or time, it’s all a necessary resource and one that every business constantly battles with.

Doing more for less isn’t impossible, it’s just about clever planning.

Here are a few ways you can do more for less: (more…)

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