Prepare your Zombie exhibition apocalypse plan

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It’s a human-eat-human world on the exhibition floor and unlike a zombie apocalypse, you know exactly when it’s going to happen.

The most important thing to remember – which goes for both a zombie apocalypse and exhibiting –is that planning can save your life.

Take our quick and fun quiz below and find out how long your exhibiting zombie apocalypse plan will keep you alive on the exhibition floor, then read our tips on how to survive below.

Make sure you follow these top tips to make sure you leave as more than just a survivor, but as a winner – and of course leaving with your brain intact.

Zombie Apocalpyse

Keep together

Rule one that I’ve learnt from watching many zombie films is DO NOT SPLIT UP. We know that as soon as one person decides it’s better to split up, that something bad will happen. Solidarity and team comradery always wins out. The same can be said when planning for an exhibition.

This doesn’t mean that you should huddle together on the exhibition stand or take toilet breaks in twos, but you should all be working as a team. Before the exhibition put some time aside to focus everybody on the objectives of the exhibition, to make sure that everybody knows best practice for stand behaviour as well as discussing specifics about uniform and transport.

Making sure that everybody is on the same page will make sure that your team is acting as one and can survive the exhibition.

Arm yourself with the right tools

In a zombie apocalypse, you wouldn’t dream of going out without some form of tool –which pretty much consists of anything you have lying around that can take off a head with enough force.

In the exhibition hall, your tool of choice will be elements on your stand that can help you to convert visitors to leads or sales. Although we hope you won’t be decapitating anybody with banner stands or literature holders, these can help you achieve your objectives to bring them on-stand for more information and give your sales staff an opportunity to convert them.

Being armed with the right sales tools, as well as having lead generation forms ready will help to make sure your objectives of your exhibition are met.

Be prepared for anything

Anything can happen in a zombie apocalypse – those that will survive are those who can keep a calm head when in a crisis and can resolve any situation with speed and lateral thinking.

At your exhibition, don’t be caught out, so make sure you pre-pack an emergency stand kit that contains a few essentials such as pens, business cards, scissors, plasters, sticky tape and maybe even a stepladder. These are items that can help you resolve any potential crisis situation quickly and efficiently.

Photo credit: Elena Gatti “Zombie Walk” on Flickr (CC2.0)

Ready Freddie Go wins Marler Haley Charity Competition 2014

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After two weeks of public voting, the winner of our annual charity competition with 65% of the vote is the Freddie Farmer Foundation!

Inspired by 10 year old Freddie Farmer who was born at 28 weeks with cerebral palsy, the charity was set up in 2011 to raise funds to set up a specialised physiotherapy centre in south-east London for children and young people with cerebral palsy and serious mobility problems.

Their prize for winning is £346 worth of Marler Haley vouchers to spend on new display stands.

Making a difference to Freddie Farmer Foundation

Speaking about the competition Anita Catchesides, charity officer at Freddie Farmer Foundation said: “Thank you all so much for voting for the Freddie Farmer Foundation.”

“Our faithful old banner stand has buckled under constant use and is no longer serviceable so this prize has come at just the right time.

“We entered the competition to win £346 worth of Marler Haley display vouchers to pay for a new exhibition stand and we were delighted to reach the final of the competition, and to subsequently win! Thanks so much for your support.

“We’ll use the new banner to promote the Freddie Farmer Foundation to the wider community, it’ll help raise awareness to help us support more young disabled children in the community.

“As soon as we get the new banner, we’ll share a picture of it on our Facebook page.”

Proud to support charities

Our charity competition has now been running for four years. Andrew Pocock, sales and marketing director at Marler Haley said “We’re very pleased to have announced the winners of our fourth annual charity competition as the Freddie Farmer Foundation.

“Our competition is a way of us celebrating charities to help further the work that they do. We understand the hard decisions that charities are often faced with when it comes to fundraising and marketing displays. Purchasing new displays when every penny can make a difference toward their core aims can be difficult.

“By supporting one charity a year to create great new displays without the cost, we can allow this difficult decision to be negated and allow them to make a real difference to their fundraising and awareness efforts.

“We’re so pleased to add the Freddie Farmer Foundation to our growing list of charity winners, joining previous winners of Camp Nibble, Pop ‘N’ Grow and Orpheus. Since winning, our previous victors have gone on to continue the great work they do with their displays still in action.

“As well as celebrating the victory of Freddie Farmer Foundation, we’d also like to thank the runners up of the competition who took the time and effort to enter – Womankind Worldwide and Winston’s Wish. As well as to everybody who voted for their winner – thank you!”

Keep calm and exhibit– Last minute checklist for exhibiting

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Time is a precious resource and when it comes to event planning, there’s almost always never enough of it. For some, this provides a buzz of anticipation that makes them thrive under pressure, but for others this can be a nail biting time fraught with trepidation.

The most important thing to remember if your event is round the corner is to keep calm. Here is our handy three point checklist to keep the panic at bay and keep you on-track for success.

1.     Have a Dry Run

Keep calm and exhibitBefore your exhibition, check that your displays are in good working order by putting them up. Not only will this be a good opportunity for you to refresh your mind as to how to assemble your display to make light work of it at the exhibition or event, but it’s also an opportunity to check that everything is as it should be.

This involves checking your display for wear and tear and for out of date messages. If your graphics have been stored away for a prolonged period, it can be hard to recall exactly what they look like. So it’s always better to find out that you need to update your graphics before the event, rather than on the grand reveal at the event itself.

If you need to replace your graphics in a hurry, remember our 24 hour turn around on banners and 48 hours on other graphic based products.

2. Prepare emergency stand kit

The secret to success (and for a happier exhibitor), is to go prepared! Not only does this mean checking that you have your displays sorted, but also means creating a last minute emergency stand kit. These are items that can save your exhibition stand in its time of need.

It’s always hard to anticipate what can go wrong but being prepared with spares, disaster kits and staff aids can save your bacon. A few must haves in your kit include: pens, business cards, sticky tape and plasters.

3.     Team briefing

Holding a team briefing for your exhibiting staff is really important in order to focus everybody on the aims and objectives of the event. It also provides an opportunity to talk through transport arrangements, time that everybody should promptly arrive, expectations for behaviour on stand (no mobile phones for example) and where your stand is.

Follow these three simple steps before your event and you’ll be set to have a great panic-free exhibition!

For more tips on how to make sure you and your team are great exhibitors and follow best practice, see our naughty exhibitors caught in the act infographic.

Charity Competition Finalists 2014

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Thank you everybody for voting! Voting has now officially closed… please bear with us, we’ll announce the winner week commencing 13 October 2014.

We’re pleased to announce three finalists for our annual charity competition! Please help to decide the winner by casting a vote using the poll below.

The winning charity will be awarded with £346 worth of Marler Haley vouchers to help them raise awareness of the vital work they do.

Please see the competition entries below which explain why you should vote for them and how they’d use their vouchers if they won. To cast your vote, use the poll at the bottom of this blog post.



Good luck everyone!

Please see the list of all other entrants that we’d like to thank for entering, who will all be receiving 10% off their next purchase made with Marler Haley, valid until 31 December 2014:

Ready Freddie Go
Percy’s Pals
Guild Care
Celia Hammond
The Rainbow Centre
Winston’s Wish
MBEEDS Scotland

Five top charity displays

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Displays are great for making sure that you can be seen through a crowd, but it can seem difficult to know which display is right for your needs as a charity. Here are five examples of how displays can be used in different environments to gain greater visibility and awareness.

Charity display stands provided by Marler Haley1. At exhibitions, conferences and events Pop up stands can create a seamless backdrop to draw attention from afar. As Cancer Research UK did with their pop up (image left), keep your design simple with your logo and key message for maximum impact and to increase its potential use. Replacement graphics are always available to use with your existing frame which is a cost-effective solution to updating your display.

2. If space is an issue, then banner stands are a fantastic ‘turn up and go’ solution to making sure you can be seen above a crowd. With a small footprint, they take up little room and are very easy to set up. Grace’s Fund (image centre, bottom) used their banner stand at supermarkets, but you’ll also see them in busy shopping malls to gain greater exposure and to raise vital funds at the same time.

3. When exhibiting outdoors, there is nothing better than flying a flag for your cause. Marketing flags can be up to 5 metres tall which makes them perfect for crowded outdoor events. Newbury & District Cancer Care Trust placed their flags at the entrance of marquees to show their location (image right, top). You’ll also see them being regularly used to support charity fundraisers at large outdoor events such as marathons and triathlons.

4. For when you know you’ll have some table space available – such as at fetes where you’ll be selling merchandise for your cause – then printed, branded tablecloths are perfect. Christian Aid used their tablecloth (image centre, top) to cover up their table top to display merchandise and information, you can also choose any colour tone with your logo to create a professional display.

5. If your aim is to raise awareness of your work on a tabletop, then folding display boards are a very versatile choice for a display. With a Velcro-friendly backboard available in 14 different colours, your messages and posters can be stuck on using male hook fasteners which can easily be swapped when needed to create a fresh display. Friends of Bexhill Hospital used their display (image right, bottom) to show the latest photos and descriptions of how they support the hospital to raise awareness of their work.