Tension Banners

Tension banners are our most cost-effective display banners.  They are useful where cost is the primary consideration, and you plan on only using your display banner for light traffic or static deployment. 

Our tension banners feature lightweight carbon fibre poles, with PVC graphics that attach via eyelets to the frame.

We also have a unique outdoor tension banner system, which allows you to display your message in most outdoor conditions.

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Portable snap rail and Eyelet tension banners

If you are going to switch your graphics on a regular basis and need a banner stand that won’t take up too much floor space, a tension banner stand could suit your needs.

Tension banners use snap rails or hook and eyelet systems that allow the graphic panel to be easily interchanged without the need for a roller mechanism. This will allow you to add, replace and swap your graphics without sending the base unit back to us.

As the graphic is removed for transportation and not rolled away into the base unit, tension banners are generally a lighter banner stand choice with some weighing as little as 1.5kgs. We recommend using graphic carry tubes for these products to ensure safe transportation and longevity of your graphics.

Fabric Tension Banner Stand

Our Sentry banner stand is made out of prelude fabric allowing documents and posters to be fastened using hook fastening systems. It is the perfect choice for events and reception areas where information needs to be changed fast as an alternative to display boards. Available in eight colours – including red, blue and green – you are sure to find the right colour for your needs.