Roller Banners

Roller Banners are popular, simple to use displays. All our banner graphics are printed to a high quality and will never peel or curl over time. Fast 24 hr delivery available.

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Roller Banners
Genesis compact roller banner stand (2000mm and 1600mm height options)

Genesis Compact Banner

  • 600mm wide
  • 2 sizes available
  • Non-curl graphics
  • Super lightweight

Why buy?
Slim banner

Prices from £42.00
Budget Roller Banner Stand
2 for

Genesis Roller Banner Stand

  • 800mm wide
  • Premium quality
  • Non-curl graphics
  • Twin twist out feet

Why buy?
Best seller

Prices from £54.00
Assembled genesis plus banner

Genesis Plus Banner

  • 3000mm tall
  • 4 sizes available
  • Non-curl graphics

Why buy?
Tallest banner available

Prices from £115.00

Junior Roller Banner Stand

  • Single twist out foot
  • Changeable graphic

Why buy?
Replacement graphic option

Prices from £70.00

Maxi Roller Banner Stand

  • 850mm wide
  • non-changeable graphic
  • Twin twist out feet

Why buy?
Larger graphic area

Prices from £69.00

Style Roller Banner Stand

  • Changeable graphic
  • Quick and easy to assemble

Why buy?
Hidden base

Prices from £109.00

Budget Widescreen Banner Stands

  • Up to 1.5m wide
  • Changeable graphics
  • Twin twist out feet

Why buy?
Budget wide banner

Prices from £115.00

Bigscreen Roller Banner Stand V2

  • Stylish silver base
  • Changeable graphic

Why buy?
Sturdy for high traffic areas

Prices from £125.00

Style Widescreen Banner Stand

  • Changeable graphics
  • Up to 2m wide
  • Hidden feet

Why buy?
Wide distraction free graphics

Prices from £140.00

Lightning Outdoor Roller Banner Stand

  • Extra wide stabilising feet
  • Indoor and outdoor use

Why buy?
Outdoor and double sided

Prices from £159.00

Image Roller Banner Stand

  • Easy change graphic system
  • Wide footprint for extra stability

Why buy?
Interchangeable graphics

Prices from £175.00

Widescreen Roller Banner

  • Stylish silver base
  • Wide changeable graphic

Why buy?
Up to 2m wide

Prices from £190.00

Double Sided Roller Banner Stand

  • Graphics on both sides
  • Changeable graphics
  • Stylish silver base

Why buy?
Double sided

Prices from £210.00

Miniature Roller Banner Stand

  • A3 or A4
  • Lightweight
  • Portable tabletop display

Why buy?
Table top banner

Prices from £24.00

Banner Stand Literature Bundle

  • x1 Genesis Roller Banner Stand
  • x250 A5 Flyers or Business Cards

Why buy?
Great bundle deal

Prices from £75.00

Pull Up Banners from Marler Haley

Pull up banners are the undisputed king of displays. They’re the most versatile and cost effective display choice to make sure your messages are seen.

Roll up banners are often used at exhibitions in shell scheme spaces, conferences as signage and even in retail spaces to display the latest offers. There aren’t many places that a type pull up banner can’t be used.

Our roller banner stands can come with 24hr delivery on request and your first order has FREE delivery with the code: FDNC

Why Choose Marler Haley Roller Banners?

We understand that you want an inexpensive, high-quality banner from a supplier that has great customer service.

  • Here’s why you should order your roller banners from Marler Haley:
  • 5 year guarantee on banner stand bases
  • Premium quality graphics as standard with no edge-curling or peeling
  • State of the art in-house large format printing capabilities
  • Fast delivery, with 24 hour delivery available on request
  • Help available to design your roller banners
  • All artwork is checked by hand before printing for quality*
  • Replacement graphics available
  • Dedicated account management

How to assemble a roller banner

Roller banners can be assembled by one person in less than 30 seconds. The graphic, which is stored rolled up in the base when not in use, is gently pulled out until fully extended. A pole is then used to secure the graphic in place.

As well as being really simple to assemble, we also make transporting your banner simple. All our roller banners come with carry bags as standard.

What to look for in a pull up banner

When looking for a pull up banner, it’s easy to be distracted by the graphic area.

But as well as knowing how wide you would like your banner stand to be, ranging from 600mm wide to 2000mm wide, you’ll also want to pay close attention to the base.

The base of any roller banner stand is its distinctive feature. Some allow for the base to be hidden when the graphic is extended. While others have hidden feet for support.

As well as being a cosmetic choice to match your brand, you may also wish to consider if you wanted to reuse your graphics.

Replacing graphics rather than bases is an inexpensive solution to updating your messages.

We can advise on the best choice for your needs by calling us on 0808 115 5852.

Join Marler Haley’s other satisfied customers:

98% of our customers would recommend us. Chris West said:

“Robust, Reliable and Really Good – I’ve used it now more than thirty times and can report that it is is still in near perfect shape. It still stands at 90 degrees and the artwork sparles as new. It is easy to assemble, with no signs of wear.”


*Please note that we check the quality of logos, images and graphics to make sure they’ll look great during our quality check and will not check grammar, spelling or accuracy of information.