How Marketing Displays can Help your Restaurant Thrive

As a restaurant owner, if you’ve already developed a great menu with fantastic food and are getting people in the door, then now is the time to think about how to continue to promote your restaurant to entice passers-by to stop and take notice as well as to encourage repeat diners through marketing.

Your food may speak for itself, but it never hurts to help sway their decision with a few prompts to propel your revenue.

Diner pictureEntice people in

First, let’s take a step outside your premise. Have you got your great looking menu on show outside? If not, think about how you can display it in a professional way to capture attention. Showing your menu in an easily accessible place outside is a great way of breaking the ice with a potential customer who may be in a research phase to decide whether or not to come in – chances are, if your menu looks great then they’ll then take that next step and become a diner.

If your menu changes seasonally, or on a regular basis, then we’d recommend using a waterproof outdoor menu display case – these can be lit and can neatly and safely present your menu in all weather conditions. They can then be opened to change your menu as often as you need to with ease.

If you have railings or wall space available to use, you could also use outdoor PVC banners to display seasonal messages to encourage bookings.

Encourage repeat diners

There are a number of ways you can encourage repeat diners, from hosting special themed evenings to Christmas parties and celebrations. The real trick is making sure that your diners know about these opportunities. As diners have plenty of time to take in their surroundings in your restaurant, you can use this to your advantage. It’s a perfect opportunity to make sure that your customers can find out about other opportunities they can have to dine with you. Just be careful not to inundate them with signs and displays!

We’d recommend using banner stands to advertise your main messages such as Christmas party bookings, Mother’s day celebrations and other special events that your customers can choose to share with you. These are often make or break opportunities for many restaurants, so make sure you can entice them back. Make the most out of a small selection of displays by strategically placing them in your restaurant to make sure they can be noticed by lots of people without getting in anybody’s way.

To reinforce these messages, you could also use wall mounted snap frames in toilet cubicles where you have the diner’s undivided attention with your posters. Replacing posters is really simple by snapping the front loading frame open and inserting a new poster!

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