LED Light Box Displays

Create a vibrant display at your next exhibition or retail space using LED light box displays.

Lightboxes are made up of a freestanding or wall-mounted frame, a high quality printed fabric graphic and an LED lighting system (usually built within the frame) to illuminate your graphics.

Light box displays are portable and ideal for use in exhibitions, events or retail spaces.

Choose from our extensive range below to suit your needs. As a leading UK supplier of lightbox displays, we’re happy to help with your requirements. Please call us on 0800 072 7742 to discuss your requirements.

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What is a lightbox?

Ligthboxes make portable or semi-permanent displays that feature a built-in lighting system to illuminate your graphics. Light boxes can be freestanding or wall-mounted and are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. 

Bright LED bulbs are commonly used in exhibition light boxes to ensure artwork designs are illuminated and creating a visual impact – something a non-lit display couldn’t achieve in poorly lit areas.

The lights shine through the graphic with an even spread of light from within the display. The reverse graphic is printed black to stop light escaping, but with double sided graphics, the light will simply shine out from both sides.

At an exhibition or retail space where advertising happens all around us, a lightbox will help create a vibrant display with draws attention from those busy crowds. 

How to assemble a lightbox display 

Assembling a lightbox display is easy. 

Frames are pre-built into sections already. You just push fit the corresponding sections of the framework together.

Some frames may require an Allen key, others just push-fit until clicked into place. We have detailed assembly instructions on all our product pages to help you assemble either option. 

The LED lighting is either built-in to the framework, or is attached to the frame if using a light curtain rail. Again, all our product pages will provide detailed information on what lighting system is in use. 

In the unlikely circumstance you need to replace any LED bulbs or light strips, these can be provided as additional parts on request. 

The final part of assembly is attaching the tension fit graphic. 

Most graphics for lightboxes are silicone edged. This means they can push fit into the  channels of the frame along the border to create a seamless look. 

Our newer Fabric LED Display Screen features a tension fit fabric graphic which pulls over the frame and zips closed at the base to create tension. Coupled with an LED curtain strip which clamps into place within the frame, the Fabric LED Display Screen allows for a unique double-sided view for twice the advertising exposure. 

Why use a light box? 

Lightboxes offer an opportunity for brands to make a real impact with their advertising displays at exhibitions or retail spaces. 

The assembly time is just as quick as a fabric display stand while offering the same level of portability and ease of use – with the added benefit of illuminating your graphics to create a striking display in any environment.

Why choose Marler Haley? 

We’re leading UK experts and suppliers of exhibition stands, trusted by thousands of customers. When you buy from us, expect:

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  • 5 year peace of mind hardware guarantee 
  • Fast turnaround times 

Don’t take our word for it 

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