Outdoor Advertising

Weatherproof advertising displays for outdoor events

If you have an outdoor event planned, want to increase your advertising presence outside your event or premises, or have something new and interesting that you want to shout about, an outdoor exhibition display may be just the thing you need to get attention.

Designed to be weatherproof, our custom outdoor advertising stands are durable and vibrant, ensuring that your message stands out from the crowd, while providing many years of reliable service.

We have an extensive range of flags, banners and advertising displays to suit most outdoor applications, so feel free to browse our product range and buying guides. All of our products can be custom printed with your own branding or design, ensuring that your outdoor stand or event looks great on the day. If you don’t find exactly what you want, contact us online or call us and our friendly customer services team would be delighted to assist you.

Our Range of Outdoor Advertising Products

Custom outdoor advertising banners

Our popular PVC outdoor advertising banners can be custom printed with your own design, and are a great cost-effective solution for raising awareness. Specifically designed for outdoor use, they can be secured in place using eyelets to many surfaces including railings, walls as well as pre-built banner holders such as A-frames.  These are great for creating an advertising buzz around an event, to promote new products or services or just give helpful information to your customers, such as your opening hours.

Whatever size you’re after we can custom make your outdoor banner.

Advertising flags

Outdoor advertising flags are one of our most popular outdoor products, offering maximum impact and value for money.  They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes including teardrop, feather and rectangular reaching nearly 5.5m tall to help to be seen from afar.  They are fantastic for providing wayfinding at events, drawing attention to you in crowded environments, or attracting the attention of passers-by or motorists on pavements or the roadside.  Create a sense of drama with a ‘field of flags’ for maximum visual impact!

A-board pavement signs

Our trusty A-board pavement signs are great in retail environments and allow you to change graphics on a regular basis.  If you are a restaurant, or retail outlet, A-Boards are a cost effective and proven way to help you promote your marketing messages quickly and effectively.  We even have a chalkboard so you can update your messages by hand – be they inspirational Pinterest worthy quips, or soup of the day.

Branded gazebos

Custom printed gazebos are great to provide branding for outdoor events – and they can help to keep you out of the rain, act as a windbreaker as well as keep the midday sun off of your stand. They can be fully customised, with a choice of fully printed or coloured canopy and optional walls, all produced in days for your convenience.

They can be fully customised in your designs with full or half height wall options. 

Outdoor display counters

Our outdoor counter is great for promotional marketing to give out tasters, or as a lead taking or reception desk for outdoor events.  It can also be used as a handy hand sanitising station for outdoor events. Specifically designed for outdoor use, our counters are durable and weatherproof.

Café and queue barriers

If you’re in need of a cafe barrier to give your outdoor space a bit of extra branding, then our café barriers are a perfect choice. Whereas our outdoor queue barriers are great for creating VIP areas, or to help people to form an orderly queue.


FAQs about outdoor displays:

Can I use an indoor banner stand outside?

Although indoor banner stands can provide stunning graphics and lightweight solutions, they are sometimes too light and may not be weather-proof for outdoor use.

What makes an exhibition stand weather-proof?

The bases for our outdoor display range can be filled with water or sand making them sturdy enough to withstand windy conditions. They also use waterproof graphics and fabrics so you can be sure that your display won't be affected by the weather.

Are the graphics high quality for outdoor displays?

Marler Haley offers a range of graphic design services to ensure that your outdoor displays and banner stands are as eye catching as possible.
Provide us with the individual elements of your graphic and we will recreate your vision in a printable format. If you have limited resources then we can create your display stand graphic from the very start. Simply provide a brief and our in-house design team will do the rest. See our artwork and design services for more information.
All our graphics are printed in the UK, using state-of-the-art printing equipment, which guarantees quick lead times and dependable quality.