Modular Exhibition Stands

Self-build modular exhibition stands

Looking for a reconfigurable exhibition stand made to last?

Create your own fully branded display with our range of modular exhibition stands – designed for ultimate adaptability.

Choose from a range of pre-made stand kits that can be reconfigured time and time again to suit the area of space you are exhibiting in. From modular walling panels to linkable pop up stands, there’s a display in that’s perfect for your brand.

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Are modular exhibition stands really re-configurable?

Yes. Modular stands are specifically designed to have components added to or removed from and still fully function as an exhibition display.

Whether your event space has two open sides, is 2x2m or is an empty shell scheme, there’s a modular display that works for you.

No matter the combination, modular exhibition stands can be reconfigured easily and with minimal costs involved to stay as budget friendly as possible.

How to reconfigure your exhibition stand

To prove how easy it is to reconfigure a modular exhibition stand, take a look at the example below:

Event A is made up of 3 open sides and 1 wall. You want to make sure your exhibiting area is not restrictive, so you opt for one large 4x3 straight pop up stand.

Event B is next on your exhibiting schedule, made up of only 2 open sides and 2 walls. You don’t want to leave one side of the wall blank, but you don’t want to buy a completely new stand.

So, to fill both sides of the wall with a branded display, your exhibition stand used for Event A can be ‘upgraded’. How? With an extra pop up stand and a ghost panel to link the 2 together, you can create one extra large L shaped pop up system.

Reconfigured modular exhibition stand

Linking pop up stands are so versatile, it doesn’t matter if you start with event B or event A – they can be reconfigured to fit either way.

In this example, going from event B to event A, you could remove and replace the ghost panel with an end curve panel to create two completely separate pop up stands. You can use just the one and keep the other as spare or use it at another event at the same time. The choices are endless.

More benefits of modular exhibition systems:

  • Reconfigurable for different event floor spaces
  • Self-build stands means no external build team is needed
  • Custom sizes available on request
  • Portable and easily transported in cases
  • Easy no tool assembly on most modular stands
  • 5 year peace of mind hardware guarantee

How to create your modular exhibition system

  1. Decide on space size this is the most important step as your stand size will determine the limits your display can go up to. If you’re attending more than one event, note down the minimum and maximum dimensions so your display can fall within these boundaries.
  2. Set your budget – your budget will determine what display you get. Entry level backwalls such as shell scheme panels or large banners are suitable for small budgets. Bigger budgets allow for long lasting semi-permanent backwalls such as linking pop up stands.
  3. Create your display – all that’s left is assembling your modular exhibition stand and re-configuring the layout for different events if needed. Before this, consider the artwork designs you are planning to use for your display…

Artwork designs for modular display stands

Planning to attend multiple events and know the floor space will be different for each one?

An artwork design that can adapt with a reconfigured stand make the best displays on show.

Need some help creating picture perfect displays? Take advantage of our in-house graphics team who’ll be able to create print ready designs from your brief starting from just £50.

Why choose us for modular displays?

  • Dedicated account management
  • Artwork design services
  • High quality print graphics
  • Fast turnaround times for tight deadlines
  • Replacement graphics available

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