Marketing Materials

Take your brand to the next level with our range of custom marketing materials. For budgets big or small, marketing materials are an affordable yet powerful tool of promotion best used for keeping your business remembered after events, exhibitions or promotions.

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Promotional Materials

Whether you’re starting your own business, rebranding or wanting to get your brand name out there, printed marketing materials are an affordable option for businesses big or small. Our range of promotional material suits any budget.

From leaflets and stickers to custom window decals and keyrings, we have everything covered. Can’t find what you are looking for? Give us a call on 0800 072 7742 and we’ll be happy to help.

Benefits of using marketing material

Increasing brand awareness is one major advantage of using print marketing materials. Below are some of the many other benefits of using them:

  • Affordable. You don’t need a large budget to start marketing a business. Marketing materials present an affordable and easy way to get your brand out there for a fraction of your budget – ideal for small business owners, entrepreneurs, start-ups, charities and more!  
  • Chance to get creative. Use and test different designs on your marketing material to see what gives you the best results. As well as being affordable, you have the flexibility to try something different – try testing a personalised versus non-personalised leaflet handout
  • Creates identity. Being remembered even after your event is incredibly important. Have you ever been impressed with a company you met at an exhibition, but couldn’t remember their brand name? Marketing materials such as branded stationery or promotional items helps to increase brand recall, especially when it’s an item they’ll use time and time again.

When and where to use marketing materials

The best time to use marketing material is when there’s an opportunity to leave a lasting impression. This could be from a new product launch, rebrand, or launching a new business.

Corporate gifts such as notebooks and desk pads are also ideal to giveaway – common office items are used on a daily basis, so every time a pen is picked up or a notepad is opened, your brand name will be there.

Pick an appropriate place to use or giveaway your promotional materials. They can be used when you have just interacted with a potential customer or as supporting material during client presentations. You want to stay at the forefront of their minds, and there’s no better way than providing a branded common day item that will be used multiple times.

Why Marler Haley?

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  • Trusted UK supplier of displays

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