Why Exhibitions are Important to your Marketing Strategy

With the right planning and preparation, exhibitions are the ideal place to launch a new product or service, or gain maximum exposure for your brand. Here are our helpful hints on why exhibitions are a must for your business.

Why exhibit?

Take advantage of existing PR opportunities

An exhibition or trade show is a big investment for the organisation that are staging the event. As a result, it will have a slew of marketing, advertising and promotion that accompanies it, saving you the hard work (and cost!) of contacting all of those potential customers yourself. The targeted nature of niche trade show and exhibition audiences is one reason that it still often reaps greater results than any other form of marketing.

Step away from the screen

With all the technology and data that we have available at our finger tips these days, it can be tempting to never feel the need to leave your desk. Market research, advertising, taking and placing orders – it can all be done electronically. However, building face-to-face relationships is still an important part of business, and exhibitions provide an ideal opportunity to do this. People still like to meet people that they do business with, build up trust and develop relationships. An exhibition creates the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself, your company and your business ideas to people you may never have thought of reaching out to before.

Don’t just sell, learn too

Some businesses see trade shows and exhibitions as solely about the promotion and selling of their products and services. But there are also great opportunities to learn at exhibitions, and savvy businesses make the most of this too. Exhibitions are a great opportunity to check out the competition – who else is doing what you’re doing? Are they doing it as well? Could you do it any better? Many exhibitions also offer relevant seminars. If there are topics that could inform your business, go along and see what you can learn. And don’t forget the general people watching too. Just being present at an industry trade show is a great way of informally taking the pulse of the market, especially if you attend regularly and can compare year-on-year.


Of course, an exhibition will be most successful if an organisation is well prepared, has good promotional materials, and an eye-catching stand. Take a look at our range of exhibition stands and pop up displays for ideas on how to make your business stand out from the crowd without breaking the bank.

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