5 tips to design your display

Whether you’re at an exhibition, a conference, or in a public place, your display will be one of the first things to be seen.

5 top tips to design your display

With this in mind, you need to make sure your display design is understandable, relatable and in line with your brand’s message. If it’s not then you’re unlikely to attract new customers to your service. You also run the risk of confusing your loyal customers.

Your display design is something you must get right and we have five quick, top tips to help your design tick all of the right boxes…

The display you use will determine your design

Designs for banner stands are narrow and tall whereas pop up displays are usually as wide as they are tall and could even have a curve to contend with.

Your logo must be visible

Imagine being at an exhibition with hundreds of people. They see your display but can’t work out who you are. Your logo should not only be of a large size but it should be placed in the top third of the display so that you can easily be spotted from even the furthest of distances.

Choose your colours wisely

Everything on your stand, including the colours you choose, must relate (and co-ordinate) with your brand. Also remember that pastel colours on white and vice versa are not good combinations. It makes text almost impossible to read and as a result, your brand will suffer.

An image speaks 1000 words

With whatever image you choose, make sure it’s relatable to your target audience, of a high quality, and make sure that it represents your brand 100 percent.

Keep your words to a minimum (and also at eye level)

Your display needs to stand out and grab the public’s attention. As well as your name and website (if you choose to include it), consider adding a slogan. Or how about including that one thing you believe the public needs to know? This is all you really need in terms of text.

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